Business Challenge

Trio Rewards Case Study

Trio Rewards partnered with Scio Consulting to develop a mobile platform to support its rewards program, the program needed to be tested in a local community before scaling it up to a region, consequently, the mobile platform required:

  • Quick time to market
  • Easily to be adjusted
  • Support user base growth
  • Intuitive UI for consumers
  • Run on Android and iOS platforms

The Solution

When Trio Rewards approached Scio, they had a partially built mobile app and needed help to complete the implementation to put the business concept in the market as soon as possible.

Trio Rewards was facing some challenges like:

  • Team coordination of a geographically distributed team
  • Vague requirements
  • Lack of visibility to plan market launch

Scio applied its agile development processes to help Trio Rewards to mitigate the challenges of working with offshore teams. In 2 months, Scio was able to complete the development of a mobile and web platform that allowed Trio Rewards to successfully launch a pilot program with a group of local businesses in Orange County, California.

Key strategies applied:

  • Goal alignment – define clear short and mid-term business objectives
  • Client collaboration – frequent and meaningful communication with the client

Incremental development – by having clear business objectives the development team focused on delivering the right functionality to meet those objectives


Trio Rewards

Company Overview

Trio Rewards is a mobile platform for local businesses that helps them to get new customers by enabling their existing customers to earn money rewards every time they and their friends purchase the businesses that are part of the Trio merchant’s network.

As the company’s own words:

“In a nutshell Trio Rewards is a mobile app that pays you for supporting local businesses. You get flexible rewards that you can use like cash for simply shopping at your favorite stores and dining at your favorite restaurants.”


Technologies Used

  • Ionic
  • Couch DB
  • PHP Slim Framework
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Firebase
  • .NET Core