We are a group of people that really enjoys developing Software

People & Culture

Our team is comprised of some of the best app developers in Mexico. Most of us develop software or contribute to open source projects in our spare time, just for fun. Our discussions over coffee are generally about how we can develop software better, or faster.

We have our own Scio Innovation Lab, where we tinker with new technologies and interesting ideas, showing them on a Demo Day – again, just for fun. We also have Scio Talks, where we share knowledge and best practices with each other, and we participate actively with colleges and universities around us.

We have a service attitude

For us, developing software is a vocation, not just a job. But even so, we know that software is only a means to an end. For us, the ultimate goal of developing software is helping our clients be successful in their own businesses. So we work closely with our clients to ensure that we support their cause and help them in every way we can.

Culture of ownership and accountability

Our team members are empowered to act autonomously to achieve the objectives of each step of the project, which means that you don’t need to micro-manage them to get results.

We encourage our people to always be looking for opportunities for improvement to our processes, practices and tools, and to propose and take ownership of initiatives to make improvements across all areas of the company.

Employee stock purchase program

We have an Employee Stock Purchase Program that allows our team members to become shareholders in Scio. We do this because we feel that sharing the fruits of our success is the right thing to do – but we have noticed that it also strengthens commitment and extends the longevity with the company, so it’s a win-win all around.

Create, Anticipate, Grow

Professional talent management – how we find (and keep) the best app developers

We are not a body shop that just offers on-demand staffing. We are a team of professionals that invest in the professional development of the group, which helps us maintain high levels of service delivery consistency and growth.

When we are building products, we give each other on-going performance feedback and keep track of metrics to coach team members regularly.

We hire people with a long-term perspective, not just to fulfill immediate project needs. Because of this, we hire employees, not contractors.

We follow a stringent recruiting process to select and hire new team members. We hire less than 10% of the engineers who apply.

Supervised & Coached Teams

When we assign a team to work on your product, they are not alone. They have the support of the full organization. Experts and peers are available to answer questions, help resolve issues and cross-pollinate practices and ideas. And always remember you have the best app developers working on your project.

Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to review our management team and careers pages to learn more about Scio. You can read our blog and get an idea of our thoughts. And when you are satisfied that you are ready to begin your project with Scio, please engage with us and let us contribute to your success!