Meet the Management Team

Luis Aburto


Luis Aburto, one of the founders of Scio, has a background in engineering and consulting across the U.S. and Latin America. Today he focuses on providing strategic advice to our clients and helping to create a culture of shared responsibility and shared success in the company. Mr. Aburto holds an MSc in Engineering from UT Austin, as well as an MSc in CAED from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

Yamila Solari

GM and Coaching Leader

With a background in business management, Yamila Solari is one of the founders of Scio. Previously Director of Finance and HC, she is now focused on coaching Scio´s leaders and teams for high performance. Ms. Solari is a Certified Organizational Coach by UBC, and holds a BS from ASU and an MBA from the University of Dallas. She loves traveling with her family, reading and learning new things.

Rod Aburto

Service Delivery Manager

Rod Aburto has a degree in electronics engineering from the Morelia Institute of Technology. Mr. Aburto has held many positions at Scio over the years and now manages the delivery of services for all project teams. In the past, he served companies such as MCI, AT&T, Sawtre Electronics, La Voz de Michoacán and CRECE. When not at work, he enjoys nature, sports and music festivals with his family.

Adolfo Cruz

Senior Partner

Adolfo has many years of experience in IT. He has been involved in projects of all sizes, from small startups up to large corporate systems. Currently, he designs and executes strategies to maintain Scio’s growth along with the management team. He holds a BS in Computer Systems from Tec de Monterrey. He thinks that drinking mezcal can be considered a hobby.

Helena Matamoros

Human Capital Manager

Helena Matamoros has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University Vasco de Quiroga. Helena has been the leader of the Human Resources department for 12 years, where she has excelled for her strategies for talent management. Ms. Matamoros has also played a key role in the development of Scio’s culture. Helena enjoys spending time with family and friends and going to the movies.

Lorena Mandujano

Accounting Manager

Lorena Mandujano is a Certified Public Accountant by the University Vasco de Quiroga. She joined Scio in 2005 and is currently the Finance and Accounting Manager. She distinguishes herself for running her department with the highest quality and efficiency. Lorena´s previous experience was as an accounting consultant. In her free time, she enjoys the movies and spending time with her family.

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