Our Portfolio

Some of the awesome projects we have worked on.


Identity Verification Platform

Woven is an Identity-as-a-Service solution for the Enterprise, offering solutions for the entire Employee Lifecycle, from identity verification, to application login and electronic document signatures. Woven is focused on delivering on the real promise of a Digital Identity – True Human Attribution for all identity-related transactions.


Online TV Platform

Zenither is a TV Anywhere application able to stream simulcast feeds from traditional broadcasters, as well as distributing content from indie networks, allowing content owners to operate an online television network with minimal overhead expense.

Planning Blox

Project Management for legal firms

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that is aimed at helping law firms organize and manage the execution of their customer cases.

Life Ease

Online Life Insurance

LifeEase is an online platform to select, quote, customize and purchase life insurance policies for individuals, business owners and SBA loan applicants.


Business procedures as checklists

Proceso.Pro is an application to allow organizations to document and manage their operating procedures, converting them to executable checklists automatically. This allows organizations to scale with consistency and quality, while providing an audit trail that increases accountability.


Survey Management System

Platform to design, administer and manage employee performance surveys. The platform supports multiple roles, sends reminders, enforces a workflow, and provides metrics and reports.


Insurance Plan Management

The platform helps users create and manage insurance products to be offered online, and create the corresponding application forms so that insurance premiums can be calculated and quoted.


Equipment Inventory Management

This system helps keep track of equipment items across warehouses, ports, and offshore platforms, allowing users to know where an item is at any point in time. The systems is RFID-enabled for quick scanning, and it has a companion Mobile app that works on tablets.

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