Case Studies

We want to share with you some of our awesome projects we have developed throughout the years.

Debra: E-commerce platform

Scio developed an online store to bring individuality to a product line quickly with a clean, minimalistic format, inventory management, blog, press release and integrated online purchasing.

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Deep Domain: SaaS Application

Scio developed a new version of a SaaS application so it can be used across many systems in an organization and many verticals, allowing the product to move beyond a healthcare focus.

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Techenomics: Internet-based application

Scio developed an application that provides an easy to use interface, charts, reports (web and PDF) and data export from a database of customer data.

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First American Corporation: Web-based application

Scio transform the existing paperbased method of work order distribution to a fully automated service.

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Appoint IT: SaaS Solution

Scio chose the SaaSGrid platform to enable rapid SaaS development using .NET technologies. Using Scio Agile delivery model and Nearshore development center, the new application was completed in 5 months.

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CPH: Unified administration to manage services and content

Scio developed an Internet-based application that allows CPH administrators to dynamically create websites and their accompanying functions for new lines and maintain existing lines.

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Good Juice: Custom e-commerce site that supports business model

An integrated set of off-the-shelf commercial components, customized to provide the functionality needed at a fraction of the effort and time usually required.

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Apprenda: end-to-end performance and scalability testing solution

Scio helped implementing a fully configurable Testing Lab to execute Performance and Scalability tests that gather performance statistics of response times and resources usage.

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Feedwo: Innovative recruiting and social networking platform

Scio provided an architecture and product development plan that would allow the Feedwo service to grow, evolve and scale on a strong base.

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AlphaVate: MVP Development

Scio developed and design an MVP as a way of keeping costs low while validating the business proposition before embarking in a more complex project.

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