Myths are often synonymous to superstitions and legends, which can misguide or misdirect a believer looking for truth. In Information Technology, which is a vast world of complex programs, sophisticated devices, and memory storages, myths can misguide IT professionals trying to debug codes or build software, as well as users trying to perform a task using one. Here are the 10 myths about software:

1. Custom developed software is time consuming compared to off-the shelf applications

While it is true that off-the-shelf applications are ready to use, they may not be tailor-made to the exact needs of a group, an individual, or an organization. Configuring software, training staff, and hiring a skilled individual to compensate for the things lacking in the off-the-shelf software takes time and money. With a custom developed software, however, an organization can get the software that’s tailored exactly to its needs.

2. Many software contains hidden computer viruses

It is true that executable files can wreak havoc on the PC, that is, after it magically causes files to vanish after a USB drive is accessed. While that can happen, software that comes from reputable sources is worth downloading and won’t zombify a PC. To ensure users are getting a reputable software, they must download from reputable websites, avoid unverified third-party sites, or downloading pirated software.

3. Most software contains backdoor features that allow phishing or spying

Because of the increase in technical sophistication, there are always rumors that most software creates some kind of unseen functions that can steal personal information such as names or locations. Well, unless the software comes from unethical hackers trying to snoop in on the PC for bank accounts or spread the virus for computer control, there is nothing to worry about when installing reliable software from trusted sources.

4. Software can be developed even without project management

Building complex software takes time and tremendous energies from the teams involved. Without a method, software development is impossible. The output from a production team that does not follow an efficient system or that follows a buggy method will result in a buggy software — and eventually, chaos.

A project management process such as the Agile methodology ensures that the software development process goes smoothly. This method avoids repetition when mistakes occur, since such instances can be rectified even in the middle of the software production process. It also allows changes to codes, design, and programming in any phase of the development process.

10 Myths about Software - Agile Methodology

5. Most software is easily outdated

While software companies make software updates for the purpose of design and profit, ethical companies won’t make software for easy obsolescence such that they suddenly begin churning out new software versions or entire software replacements in just a few months or a year. Likewise, ethical software engineers won’t make software that will run sluggish over time, just to force people to buy a new one.

However, time will come, such as in the case of Microsoft Windows, when technical support and updates will be withdrawn in order to allocate resources for the development and support of the software’s better version.

6. Most software can slow down a PC

The software itself will not slow down a PC. What can slow it down is running a software with minimum requirements that are unmet by the PC hardware or operating system. Running a virtual box to simulate a Linux OS can also use the host PC’s hard drive space and RAM, in turn slowing it down. As well, running a MySQL workbench with cluttered startup programs running in the background can slow down a PC’s startup time, and using a browser that has a dozen extensions can freeze net surfing or the whole PC. In this regard, it is important to ensure that the computer hardware meets the minimum requirements for running a specific software.

7. Running a software without updates and patches is absolutely OK

Those pop-ups and reminders that show up on the lower right corner are for patches or updates. They are necessary to keep the software updated with functionality and to keep it protected from security flaws or loopholes.

8. It is absolutely OK to download pirated or cracked software

For many novice and expert users, it is tempting to just download pirated and cracked software and forget about its implications. The truth is that such software won’t get updates and support. Another reason is that downloading or using pirated software is illegal and might attract law enforcement attention. Pirated software copies also make the PC vulnerable to malware and nefarious hackers who want to invade the user’s privacy or steal confidential information. In fact, most illegal software downloaders have PCs or laptops that are infected with malware, worms, and Trojans that can slow down, freeze, and modify the PC’s normal OS (Operating System).

9. Software is always behind the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

While a low-level software in a windows kernel is behind the BSOD, it is, most of the time, caused by a combination of mitigating factors, such as a corrupted NTFS file system, faulty RAM, false positives from an unreadable hard drive, incompatible driver hardware with OS, and an overheating computer.

10. Software can cause overheating

In theory, a virus which is a type of program can raise the CPU temperature, but in reality, a computer has a way of dealing with such issues. It takes incredible skill to create software that overcomes the hardware and software’s algorithm and effectively control the PC’s temperature. A genuine and helpful software won’t absolutely control the computer’s fan rounds per minute nor heat up a computer.


The myths about software are usually brought about by the use of illegal software or those that come from dubious sources. Such will lead to performance and security issues, which can cause problems especially when the software is used in the business or organization setting. In this regard, if you need to use software applications for the efficient completion of your daily business tasks, then it is best for you to have your own custom software developed by a reputable software development company. This ensures that the application has all the functions you need for running your business’ operations and also ensures the security of your organization and all its systems and data.

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