It has always been said that the kind of members you take in your team determines the success rate of a project. This is true for software developers, especially because completing a project takes a lot of time, money, and energy.

The Agile Manifesto started in 2001. It addressed the growing problem of software development where the process of creating and building projects took years, or worse, were left unfinished.

Before the agile software development methodology came about, software projects have been delayed or have cost more than its budget. During that time, meeting the client’s requirements was really difficult. Software development teams then were using the traditional Waterfall methodology to manage their projects and keep track of their progress. However, this methodology has flaws that made it harder for software engineers to finish their projects.

Agile has made it easier and more convenient for both the developers and clients. It works like a software development life cycle, following phases where developers manage each phase. It allows each stage to be altered, adjusted, or enhanced.

The cycle goes from system planning, requirement analysis, designing, and coding to the last phase of system testing. Since the project goes through these phases, it is important that members of an agile team work closely and collaboratively with one another. But what really makes a great Agile software development team?

Good Communication and coordination

Because agile methodology requires each member of the team to work on each phase of the cycle, good communication must be practiced all throughout the software development process. A great and successful agile team is able to share and contribute ideas with each other. It is also important that everyone is able to express themselves very well, such as when encountering a problem, asking for help or assistance, or taking the initiative to share new ideas or suggestions. Communication is vital in the process because everyone in the team needs to know the progress of the project at every stage. Good communication results in a well-coordinated project.


This does not only apply to the team leaders or managers but also to everyone who is part of the team. Members lead and take responsibility in each of the project phases. The project will not be completed unless it has gone through the necessary stages, so this also means that it will not be completed if one member does not do their part.

Moreover, an agile team has proper organization and a balanced distribution of tasks. This helps make the transition of the project from one phase to another faster and smoother. Agile team members should know and understand their roles in the project to be able to perform their tasks and provide what is needed of them. It is also important that members know their strengths and weaknesses, so they can work on them together.


One important factor in agile development is the empowerment and autonomy given to each team member. People can achieve their goals because they are motivated properly and because they can freely explore and develop their skills.

Since agile development allows transparency and collaboration, agile teams also work based on trust. They have to trust one another because they need each other to complete the project. This trust can be expressed through consistent empowerment. Everyone in the team must consistently allow each member to work and own their parts, roles, and responsibilities. This soon leads to providing mutual support to one another and to assisting those who are having a hard time.

Dedication and Unity

4 Characteristics of Great Agile Software Development Teams - Companies are Outsourcing Software Development

All tasks require dedication, especially when bringing a software project to completion. This means that members of the agile team are hardworking and do not give up easily on the project. They have vision not only for themselves but for the team and the project as well.  They are willing to adapt to different people and different situations, and they are open to growth and improvement.

Dedication also means working as a group where the success of one is the success of all. Members work together towards one goal and one objective.


Successful software development projects are often created by groups of individuals who dedicate their time and energy to solving and improving the features of the program that they are working on.

Great Agile Software Development Teams play a major role in the success or failure of software development projects. Although the team leader makes the most important contributions, it should be noted that everyone in the team is responsible for the completion of specific parts of the project, making it whole. With that, picking the right team members is something that should be taken seriously.

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