Business Challenge

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Following Lean Startup principles, AlphaVate needed to validate their business idea before building a full version of the web application, so the approach of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was selected. This MVP version will act as a basis to future versions which be built on top for adding functionality that derives from clients’ feedback and new ideas.

The Solution

Scio developed and design an MVP as a way of keeping costs low while validating the business proposition before embarking in a more complex project. Once the business proposition is validated, the MVP can be enhanced to work as a fully functional SaaS application.

The biggest challenges Scio faced, was combining valued functionality and great User Experience, maintaining top-of-the-class design.

Integrating with 3rd-party providers such as QuickBooks was another welcomed challenge. Amazon Web Services was selected so the platform is hosted in an elastic infrastructure so future growth is easy accomplished.

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Company Overview

AlphaVate was created to help all entrepreneurs to start get traction on their Startups. They noticed that entrepreneurs struggle with a lot of time consuming administrative procedures when building their startup, they spend a lot of time and effort doing formalities instead of dedicating that time and effort to making their startup grow.

To address these problems, AlphaVate decided to create an online system that entrepreneurs could use as a one-stop multiple services platform. Some of these services revolve around creating the brand for the startup, incorporating as a company, managing accounting and bank accounts as well as other early-stage company activities. The benefit of using AlphaVate’s services is clients will have the time to focus on their core business while the administration processes are taking care of by AlphaVate agents.

Technologies Used

  • .NET Core (MVC)
  • AngularJS
  • RAW Framework
  • Needletail Data Access
  • Express Mapper
  • Quickbooks API
  • Stripe API
  • Amazon S3 API
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL Server
  • NUnit
  • Moq



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