Outsourcing your software development is an excellent way to get high-quality work while saving money. Eastern Europe is a go-to country for hiring developers, but it has its drawbacks like any region. Thankfully, it’s not your only option these days. Between the Americas, Asia, and Africa, you’ve got a wide selection at your fingertips.

Naturally, not all regions are created equal, so you’ll want to carefully examine each region, country, and company before making your final decision. Let us help you begin your search for alternatives to hiring developers in Eastern Europe:

South Asia

You hear the word outsourcing, and your mind immediately goes to India and for good reason. India offers up one of the largest IT, app development, and software talent pools worldwide. They’re diverse knowledge of frameworks and languages, and low labor cost definitely makes them a contender. The same is true for some regional competitors like Bangladesh and Pakistan. Each country works long hours, are budget-friendly, and are perfectly capable of delivering on their promises. 

Culturally, India has many festivals and celebrations throughout the year but only has three state holidays where they’ll be totally unavailable. If you’re a US-based company considering Southern Asia, you’ll want to make sure you have a highly detailed structure for your project with strict guidelines for it to go smoothly. You’ll also have to deal with the drastic time difference since they’re 9 ½ to 12 ½ hours ahead. If you desire innovation or truly want to let go and be more hands-off, then chances are you’ll want to consider another region.



Seldomly at the top of people’s thoughts, Africa makes the shortlist. In fact, several African countries make the list of the top 50 countries for the best developers. If you’re comparing results, and more importantly, cost, then South Africa may be too pricey. However, Egypt or Nigeria are worthy challengers placing at the 42nd and 48th spots, respectively.

Like many tech-forward regions, Egypt has invested heavily in STEM education by expanding STEM extracurricular activities to 52 prep schools and 18 private. Many schools now teach English as well, which should reduce any previous communication barriers. The main reason countries like Egypt make this list is affordability. They’re newcomers to the software development world, so chances are you’ll pay the least, and you’ll get what you pay for. Similar to India, if you’re hiring in the US, you’ll be dealing with a major timezone difference but not quite as extreme since they’re 6 – 9 hours ahead of the US.


North America

If you’re a US firm, you’re probably surprised to see North America on the list when looking for alternatives to hiring developers in Eastern Europe. Your mind probably wanders to Canada, and you’re equally thinking they probably charge just as much as American developers, and you’d be right. Nope, we’re talking about Mexico.

When it comes to finding top-quality software development, Mexico outdoes the competition and is by far the best alternative to hiring developers in Eastern Europe. 

What makes Mexico the crown jewel of this list? For starters, you get real-time accessibility to Mexican developers since they share Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones with the US. Since they’re working the same hours as your team, you can easily bring them into your daily team meetings and shift quickly when priorities change on a project. On top of that, their close proximity means they’re just a short 2-5 hour flight away from major US cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City. With Mexico in your backyard, you can easily meet your new development team face-to-face and hammer out any critical project details. 

Beyond saving money, you also benefit from Mexico’s seamless cultural fit with the US. Over 16 million Mexican citizens speak fluent English, and their culture is heavily influenced by the western world, meaning their customs and work styles greatly align. Lastly, like Egypt, Mexico has invested heavily in STEM education for its youth, meaning every year, thousands of talented developers are leaving school and entering the job market.

As you can see, there are many viable alternatives to hiring developers in Eastern Europe. It’s important to remember that allocating resources to your project isn’t only about raw data but also about communicating your needs. Without proper two-way communication where both parties express their expectations, any project is likely to flounder. When choosing development partners, make sure you ask a lot of questions, meet up face-to-face if you can, and carefully listen to their questions and needs as well so you both have everything you need to complete your project successfully.

What qualities are you looking for when seeking out developers for your project? Tell us in the comments below: