Business Challenge

AppointIT Case Study - Scio ConsultingAppoint IT is a Minneapolis based start-up company that was seeking to offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application to the healthcare and services markets that reduces administrative costs by allowing patients and customers to schedule online appointments.

Recognizing a unique window of opportunity in the market for a niche SaaS application, the founders set out to quickly build a SaaS solution. However, they lacked the personnel or expertise to move forward on their own and began seeking a full service SaaS consulting, design, and development company to turn their product idea into reality.

The Solution

Appoint IT looked to Scio Consulting to design and build their SaaS solution. After a brief analysis, Scio choose SaaSGrid, the on-demand SaaS deliveryplatform from Apprenda, to enable rapid application development. By usingApprenda’s SaaSGrid as a foundation, Scio was able to shave off massive amounts of development time and capital requirements that would have previously been allocated to enabling SaaS architecture and delivery intricacies.

Leveraging Apprenda’s SaaSGrid, VersionOne for Agile project management, and Scio’s nearshore development center in Mexico, Scio and Appoint IT were able to communicate in real-time and complete the design and development of version 1.0 of the application in 5 months.


Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare and Service Industries


Appoint IT was able to release their application in less than 6 months. Also, by using SaaSGrid and Agile development, the company was able to maximize their budget in terms of the functionality that is available in the application. Also, by architecting the solution with multiple verticals in mind, the application was built in a way that will help the company expand its customer base to other vertical easily. Additionally, by leveraging SaaSGrid, the company will be able to deploy future SaaS solutions under its own brand with ease. For Appoint IT’s customers, their new On-Demand application will be able to easily introduce innovative products with a large geographical reach, reduce costs of sales and customer support, and open a channel for more interactive communication between them and their customers.

Technologies Used


  • MS SQL Server
  • WCF
  • SaaSGrid
  • VersionOne




Case Study - Scio Consulting