Business Challenge

Apprenda Case Study - Scio Consulting

Apprenda offers an Enterprise Platform as a Service solution and wants to make sure that the platform will be able to handle the extreme loads demanded by its clients without hitting the wall with performance issues.

Apprenda platform can be configured in large scale environments to host multiple applications. Despite that there are several performance testing services currently available in the market, they are not able to provide performance metrics of the individual resources consumed in the system being tested. Apprenda platform setup must be automated in a configurable driven way to make the testing execution cost-effective.

One of the main values that Apprenda offers is the ability to host large scale applications on a single platform and to share resources between several applications, hence improving the cost-benefit ratio of the infrastructure. To be sure that this value proposition can be sustained, Apprenda sought out for an external provider to help them validate the platform’s performance on a large scale implementation. Apprenda also was looking forward to understanding what is the performance on each node that integrates the platform while being stressed.

Existing Performance Testing services did not provide the ability to gather performance statistics of the whole infrastructure. It was critical for Apprenda to find a team that helped them implement a testing solution that could provide the whole picture in terms of platform-wide performance, plus the ability to have the platform automatically setup as part of the testing execution.

The Solution

Scio designed and developed a Performance and Scalability (P+S) Testing Laboratory to:
Specific performance test scenarios were developed and executed in the P+S Testing Lab.

The test scripts and platform setup scripts were parametrized to be executed with different concurrency and scale at internal Scio infrastructure and with mayor scale at Amazon Web Services infrastructure (AWS).

Automate Apprenda Platform setup in a multinode environment Implement the P+S Testing Framework to generate data to be consumed by tests or set a base to execute a test Execute performance and scalability tests Collect test results and performance statistics, and generate test execution reports

Company Overview

Apprenda is cloud platform software that works with Enterprise’s existing applications and infrastructure, while providing a cloud native foundation for digital business growth.


Scio helped implementing a fully configurable Testing Lab to execute Performance and Scalability tests that gather performance statistics of response times and resources usage.

Automated platform setup with the exibility to define its scale to test with different configurations and under diferent scenarios.

Apprenda has an end to end performance and scalability testing solution that goes form data generations to test object setup, test execution, reports and environment performance statistics.

Technologies Used

  • Debian-based Linux distribution (Ubuntu 15.10 x64)
  • JMeter
  • .Net Framework
  • Q-Text as Data
  • Powershell
  • InuxDB
  • TopShelf
  • Make
  • Python
  • Mono
  • RabbitMQ
  • Bash scripting
  • Grafana
  • Jq (JSON processor)
  • Docker
  • C#
  • NancyFX
  • Mongo DB
  • Amazon API
  • EC2 Tools
  • Angular JS



Cloud and Private Platform Automation


Case Study - Scio Consulting