There are multiple methodologies that can be applied during software development, and one of the most popular is the concept of Agile software development. In an Agile environment, applications can be created through the implementation of individualized steps, with each one working toward a common goal. And while Agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban, just to mention a few) have many benefits for developers, they are also advantageous for clients as well. Here are several ways that Agile development helps clients:

Client Engagement

Perhaps the foremost benefit of using Agile software development methodologies is the ability to keep the customer involved in every facet of the project. Commonly, Agile development progresses in stages known as Sprints, and it is after the completion of each Sprint where both developers and clients can make assessments and implement changes. This helps to promote a fluid exchange of information leading to an increase in project transparency. In addition, the fact that each Sprint represents a small piece of the development cycle means that clients can be frequently updated on the progress of the application.


It is not uncommon for a client’s needs to change during the development process, and with an Agile environment, these changes are relatively simple. While there is usually a formal plan as to how the finalized application will function, by building it in individualized steps, clients are able to refine specific functionalities while the software is still being created. In this way, these updates can be put to use during the next Sprint, after which the results can be retested to ensure client satisfaction.

Predictable Costs

Software development can be costly, and in many cases, these costs can fluctuate significantly as programming obstacles are encountered. However, through the use of Agile methodologies, developers have the ability to more accurately predict the costs that will be incurred throughout the process. This predictability comes from the fixed duration of the Sprints that separate each development phase. By knowing exactly how long a phase will take to complete and the amount of work that will be required, developers and clients will be aware of the costs before the next Sprint begins.


The Agile development process allows clients to set their own goals for the project and this can help the development team better understand the specific needs of the client. Through this added level of understanding, programmers and developers will be able to make recommendations to the client which could have a positive effect on the final application.

In Summary: Agile Development is…

When it comes to meeting the needs of the customer, Agile software development offers many advantages to the more standardized ways of building applications. Through Agile development, programmers and clients can easily engage and collaborate throughout each phase of the project, and this level of transparency helps to ensure that all team members are working toward a single goal. In addition, by breaking the development process into stages there is a greater ability to predict the costs that will be involved in the creation of the application. Furthermore, Agile phases, known as Sprints, allow for coders to make adaptations even as the software is being developed. Remember to keep these points in mind when looking for hiring a software development company.

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