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Whether you are a beginner in the world of web development or a seasoned veteran the best web development practices remain the same. These are foundations or guidelines that you can use to build the rest of your website and have it successful and user-friendly. To make the process of web development easier on you we have compiled a list of the best web development practices so that you can implement them into your next project.

Use a CSS Reset

Most people in web development already know how usefweul CSS resets are unless they are brand new to the business or have been on a hiatus for the last three years. A CSS reset allows the developer to create a website with no distinct style so that they can design a brand new one without having too many cross-browsing rendering issues.

Semantically Use HTML

The dirty web markup that existed in the 90s or the beginning of the century has luckily evolved thanks to developers using HTML semantically. HTML is a markup language, not a programming language and it is used to make structured documents by indicating structural semantics for text. This is one of the best web development practices that have changed the quality of websites all over the internet.

Don’t Mix CSS with HTML

HTML is used to organize documents by identifying and defining a footer, a header, block quotes, lists, and many other things. Web developers used to use HTML attributes to style particular elements. It is possible to insert CSS into an HTML document, however, it is not one of the best web development practices. While inserting CSS into an HTML document can be helpful when you are testing or in a hurry, it is a bad practice to do as a final solution.

Make It Clear What div You’re Closing

All too often you will come across a website source that has a plethora of closing </div> tags. This is because most beginners are under the impression that they have to use div tags instead of tables to produce a good quality code. This can be true, however unless you use proper code organization it can be just as messy or even worse.

Avoid Cross-Browser Issues By Testing While You Build

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with web development is to simply test on one browser to see if the site is properly rendered. One of the best web development practices is to test on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome to ensure that you have no cross-browser issues. This will save you hours of time by allowing you to fix issues right away instead of finding out later.

By following the best web development practices you will save time and energy by doing it right the first time. When you’re website source is clean you will have a much easier time editing it later whether that’s to update it or fix bug and it will make the entire process of keeping your website up and running a much smoother ordeal.

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