Communication is an essential factor for you and your outsourced development team that will improve any endeavor’s chances of success, be it a personal or business one. Achieving a good and healthy communication among all parties involved will help build rapport, which will eliminate misunderstanding, thresh out individual differences, and promote a better working relationship.

In the business world, some people, especially those from start-up companies, may find it hard to communicate what they expect to gain out of other companies’ services.  However, they should overcome this problem.

Do you want to hire an outsourced development team that will help develop the software your company needs? Then be ready to establish communication lines with them.  This will lead to transparency and honesty between your company and your chosen service provider.  But what should you communicate with them without giving away your company secrets and business strategies?

We have listed five of the most significant things that you should always communicate to your outsourced development team.

1.    Company Goals and Perspectives

First, you must provide to them information about your company goals and perspectives. What are your products and/or services? Which is your market? Who are your clients?  What do you need the software for? Who do you intend to benefit with the use of your software application? Communicating such information to your outsourced software development team will give them a clear picture of what kind of application they must develop in order to match your needs and your clients’.  Even the smartest engineers may not be able to help you if they are not given adequate information and direction on how to proceed with the project.

2.    Project Cost and Budget Consideration

The team should also be made aware of how much you are willing to invest in the project.  Should it require adjustments along the way, which may entail additional costs, they should know how far you can go beyond your budget if needed. It would be a waste of time and money for both parties if, halfway during the development process, you would inform them that you can no longer invest more funds into the project and would just abandon or forego it. Most software developers can tailor-fit the application to their client’s available resources.

3.    Expectations of your Outsourced Development Team and Company Requirements

The next item in the list is communicating your expectations.  What are your requirements as the project progresses? What are your expectations from the team? Do you need contact reports? Delegate or appoint a focal person or team within your company who would take charge of coordinating with the outsourced group. This person or team will require periodic updates on the status of the project. As the project progresses, your group and the outsourced team will develop cohesiveness and will be able to work productively toward a shared goal.

4.    Company Rules and Internal Policies

Internal rules and policies should also be communicated to them. Since the team may conduct regular visits and meetings in your company, they should be briefed on your general rules and policies.  By doing this, any irregularity or collision and misunderstanding between these people and your own employees may be prevented. You would want the team to be comfortable working side by side with your own employees so that there will be no hang-ups or apprehension among them.  This will facilitate the easy exchange of ideas.

5.    Your Own Ideas

Lastly, you should be able to speak your mind on what you think is critical to the project.  You may not be a techie or an IT expert but as an insider, you know best what your clients need. In a professional manner, share with them your ideas and suggestions.  If there are concerns that bug you, inform them. For all you know, you may be worrying unnecessarily and the issue you are keeping from them may be resolved as easily as talking about them among your own people.


The changing landscape of businesses. especially in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry, has led to the opening of doors for outsourced talents, especially in software development. However, its success is dependent on establishing good communication.

Opening communication lines with third party service providers is an important key to achieving your organization’s goals. It should always be done smoothly, with all barriers and challenges sorted out and eliminated.

If you want to hire a software development team that would talk to you, work with you, and help you decide on the kind of software that’s appropriate for the achievement of your company goals, contact us. We can be your outsourced team that can cater to your software development needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We make sure to match our clients’ efforts and resources with the software application that will exceed their expectations.

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