Business Challenge

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The online system developed by CPH provides a key differentiator in the market and excellent service to its clients. Because of the quick turnaround it can offer, it has allowed CPH to achieve an excellent rate of new policy acquisition through their websites. But, the existing applications behind the service were difficult to administer and maintain. Each website, marketing a line of insurance products, was managed separately. Required updates and changes were very problematic to implement, and integration to third-party services required considerable time and effort. In addition, the existing sites had very little analytical capability and could not support the analytical reporting needed to respond to changes in customer behavior on the websites.

To address these problems, CPH decided to restructure its approach to provide a central underwriting hub that administrators could use to develop and maintain questionnaires across several lines, capture the data required to classify and rate new clients and allow them to purchase policies. This new application was envisioned as separate from the marketing websites, providing the content they needed to sell policies as imbedded pages. This approach would give CPH unified administration to manage services and content on the all marketing sites, and the ability to quickly test and deploy new websites for new offerings from standardized templates. It would also reduce IT requirements, errors and application outages as well as provide a base for better analytical reporting.

The Solution

Scio developed an Internet-based application that allows CPH administrators to dynamically create websites and their accompanying functions for new lines and maintain existing lines. The resulting system uses wizards to guide users through the process of applying for and buying insurance policies. Each site can have a different questionnaire and custom paths depending on client answers, rating factors, and the specifications of the insurance product being offered.
From an administrator’s point of view, the integration with third-party services, supporting documents required, functions needed to develop questionnaires and manage triggers for different question sets based on answers, evaluate risks, rates, discounts and develop the resulting policies can be customized and maintained on one platform with a standard set of tools. Customization of emails and documents set to the customer, rates listings, and internal processes for new application workflow are all part of the new underwriting hub. When a new application is submitted by a client, it is reviewed in minutes by underwriters in a workflow, allowing the completed policy and documentation to be emailed to the client immediately upon approval.


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Company Overview

CPH & Associates provides property and casualty insurance to several target market areas; serving organizations and thousands of individual members directly and through a system of websites with online applications. The company underwrites insurance carriers through a proprietary rating system, and provides insurance quotes and policies to qualified buyers.

The websites operated by CPH provide 24/7 access to qualification questionnaires, policy applications, approval, purchase, supporting documents, FAQ’s, and user support functions. They provide a high level of personalized service while maintaining a lower cost of operations because potential clients and users can serve themselves. At the same time, the analytics it uses to deploy and sell specific policy offerings supports efforts to assess the viability of insurance lines and determine if they are serving a market effectively. Together, these capabilities provide the clients and partners of CPH industry leading online service.


Develop an underwriting “hub” that brings the questionnaires, quoting algorithms, approval process and executed policies into one site. The hub provides website configuration for new insurance lines and retrieves configuration from existing websites for maintenance as needed. Required third-party applications are integrated into the process of developing and maintaining sites.

Technologies Used

  • MVC4
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • SSO
  • Net 4.5



Insurance, Property and Casualty


Case Study - Scio Consulting