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If you are in the market for a service tracking software you have probably asked yourself whether or not you should invest in a custom made service tracking software or not. This is a surprisingly common question when it comes to companies implementing this type of software and there is not really a definitive answer. Most of it depends on your company’s needs and some of the software solutions that you’ll find on the shelf will not fit those needs. This is the biggest draw of custom made service tracking software.

Differences between off-the-shelf and custom made service tracking software

service tracking softwareAnother big draw of custom-made service tracking software is that you can continue to customize it to grow with your business. This is huge because the little changes can make a software work so much more efficiently for your company. However, these changes may be billable meaning that the more you want to customize, the more it’s going to cost. For off-the-shelf options, it is often impossible to make changes that you need to allow it to work better for your company.

One of the main reasons that an off-the-shelf option is popular among companies is that it is the more inexpensive of the two. With a custom-made service tracking software, you will have a much larger fee upfront than one that is pre-made. Whether or not you are willing to pay the fee to gain the advantages that come along with a custom made service tracking software is up to you and your company.

With a custom-made software you have the ability to start out with the bare minimum features and add more onto it as you see fit. This will result in a less cluttered software and it will work much more efficiently for your company. If you choose to go with an off-the-shelf option, there are bound to be features that you do not need tucked in there and you will end up with a cluttered software.

In the case that your company has multiple software platforms going at once and all working together, investing in a custom-made software may be a wise decision. This is because off-the-shelf options tend not to work quite as well with other programs. If you are only running this specific type of software, you might find that an off-the-shelf option works perfectly well for you.

At last, but not least…

Something that might make you decide to go with the pre-made software is any kind of time constraint. Developing the perfect custom-made software takes time. If you don’t have the time that you will need to develop this you may want to go with something that is ready to go, at least until you have the resources and time to do it.

In conclusion, whether or not a custom-made software is better depends on your company’s specific needs at the time. There are definite pros and cons to each option and each brings something different to the table. For a business that is just starting up, an off-the-shelf option will work just fine for the time being. However, despite the cost up-front for a custom-made software, it will be a huge help to your business when you are trying to build it into something great.

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