Business Challenge

Debra - Scio Consulting Case StudyThe founder of Debra Handbags was seeing success offering a line of wallets based on a canvas fabric, printed with designs made to look like expensive leather. Building on this success, he tried a line of handbags made of similar material. Through direct sales in New York and online sales through Amazon and eBay, he validated the concept and decided he was ready to scale to full, direct online sales. He wanted to capitalize on his success quickly and efficiently so a solution that would require a long, costly cycle of development or ongoing technical support was out of the question.

The Solution

To meet the requirements of Debra Handbags for a platform that would require a short time to implement and configure, as well as be easy to use with no need for technical support over the long term, Scio recommended the Shopify platform. After reviewing a simple proof of concept implementation, the client agreed and Scio proceeded to prepare a site for Debra Handbags.

Implementation of the design required some customization of the selected site theme and testing to ensure it would perform as well for mobile devices as it did for standard form factors. Configuration and implementation included putting in place the initial shop inventory pages, setup for social media, blog, news releases and the Stripe payment solution.

Debra - Scio Consulting - Case Study

Company Overview

Debra Handbags offers “handbags without guilt” – made with canvas and featuring high tech printed leather patterns. Starting from a a line of similar personal accessories, Debra Handbags developed and tested their line of handbags in New York using direct and online sales. With a validated demand, the company now offers their full line of handbags through online sales direct from their website.


The technical phase of site development was completed in two weeks, from the first requirements discussion to turn over to Debra Handbags. With completion of the initial content for the blog, press releases and inventory – the site went live one week later. The site carries a clean, modern style that is responsive to a wide range of different form factors from mobile devices to desktops. The owner of Debra Handbags can use the site to update clients on new lines, features, and events of interest while providing easy purchasing and shipping options for buyers.

Technologies Used

  • Shopify
  • jScript
  • CMS
  • Stripe Payments



Retail, Women´s clothing and accesories.





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