Business Challenge

DeepDomain - Case Study - Scio ConsultingDeep Domain addresses the need to accumulate data across devices from many vendors, in secure environments where regulatory compliance is critical. As a successful application in this field, it is necessary to scale and adapt over time to changes in technology, data formats, regulations, and client needs. To achieve those goals, the company realized it had to restructure and refactor its application while it continued to operate the existing version to lower risk and allow them to make significant changes at all levels. The sophisticated, tight development team at Deep Domain had to continue to focus on the operation of the current production version while moving forward with the development of the new version but without the overhead and disruption required to hire and train new staff members. In addition, the new version of the application was expected to provide a base for common queries for metadata across the entire user base and to extend into other verticals with similar requirements for data security and industry regulatory compliance.

The Solution

Because the development of this application version was planned in parallel with the production version, it was understood that the Deep Domain technical team would be involved in maintaining production services while the project was continuing. This meant that it was critical for the development teams to remain small and highly collaborative throughout the project. In addition, the new version imposed a degree of autonomy and responsibility on the developers for each layer to ensure they met the requirements without altering core services. Because the project was planned over a long period, continuity during any team personnel changes was extremely important.

Scio was able to work within these constraints by ensuring that resources were dedicated to the project throughout its lifecycle, that communication was available at all times, through multiple channels and that when staff turnover did occur during the long development period – Deep Domain was fully aware of potential issues and able to participate in the assignment of new team members to fill their requirements.

For the user interface, Scio tested several approaches – settling on a group of current technologies that could deliver consistent results across several types of clients from calls to the data layer through the API. The “dashboard” reporting representation required an interface that would be easy to read and again, play consistently across multiple devices and display systems. Using a combination of jQuery and jScript elements and HTML 5, Scio was able to deliver a reporting component and interface that met the requirements with flexibility and ease of use.

DeepDomain - Case Study - Scio Consulting

Company Overview

Deep Domain Reporting Software allows clinics, hospitals and medical service organizations to aggregate the data in Electronic Health Records (EHR) from multiple sources within their systems and create plain language reports on their desktops. A SaaS solution, the application does not require a large infrastructure investment or complex implementation projects.

The service also offers its users the ability to benchmark and analyze their results against metadata from similar organizations and services across the client base. With the service in place, healthcare providers can get reporting that is fast and provides custom views specific to their needs to measure and enhance the delivery, patient outcomes, operational efficiency and achieve meaningful results in compliance to the industry regulations


Deep Domain was able to release the new version after more than a year in development, without jeopardizing existing operations and clients or causing service disruption. The new version allows the service to be maintained direct to production with clear separation for each of the application layers. The resulting interface is responsive to different form factors on various devices and is now ready to be adapted to additional verticals with minimal change. This provides new opportunities and improved scalability for the application in the future.

Technologies Used

  • jQuery
  • MVC
  • Knockout
  • jQuery UI
  • HTML5



Healthcare, Reporting & Analysis