Business Challenge

FeedWoo Logo - Case Study - Scio ConsultingThe market space for social networking and job search/recruiting services is exploding. The risks for a startup that combines these markets in a business model are very high. To deal with this situation, Feedwo will leverage the Lean Startup methodology to roll out products and services.

But, if the initial architecture isn’t modular and scalable, if the development process isn’t agile and fully integrated or if the data produced by the service can’t be gathered and used efficiently to drive features – a lot could be lost in refactoring the application to meet needs to scale and offer new services. Feedwo needs a development partner that understands these issues and that will provide partner-level collaboration to meet these challenges.

The Solution

To begin the engagement with Feedwo, Scio provided business consulting to align the concepts and goals behind the service with the Lean Startup model for new ventures. This gave the founders a base for planning the MVP, subsequent phases of product development and on the needs the base architecture needed to address. The application architecture is built on discrete components that communicate with web services. By implementing the application on cloud-based infrastructure, although it was initially released on a single instance, the components can be scaled individually and moved to separate instances, or multiple instances behind queues, as needed to meet the need for scaling.

As with any startup, our realtime collaboration and agile development system is key to providing features that can be reviewed and tested early in the development cycle to eliminate rework and delay. The founding team must be able to rely on the technical expertise of their development team, while assessing the functionality and business fit achieved by each release cycle. They must be able to change direction to provide responses to learning from clients and users without losing traction in development or deep rework. The development, testing, and deployment system used by Scio meets those needs for Feedwo.

Modern interfaces need to be responsive to the constraints of both standard and mobile device platforms. To meet this need, Scio provided a UI based on Bootstrap, jQuery and jQuery UI. This base made initial prototyping and development faster, while providing a responsive and controllable user experience across many form factors. In addition, the Uservoice feedback system has been fully integrated to provide a base for user support requests and agile product management.

FeedWoo Logo - Case Study - Scio Consulting

Company Overview

Feedwo connects students, professionals, companies and technical colleges in one virtual place with one common goal: professional development. Job seekers experience a user friendly, interactive, and transparent service that aids their job search throughout their careers.

They can upload their professional information and the Feedwo service will enable them to identify and highlight talents from their studies through graduation and later, as they move into the job market. Leveraging the data provided by users, Feedwo can provide targeted advertisements and recruitment tools that provide the business model base for the company. Feedwo launched a first phase in early 2013.


Feedwo has launched the beta MVP of its service and is starting development on the second phase. The features of the initial release are intentionally limited to must have features to allow Feedwo to validate core services and learn from early adopter feedback. This approach, when used with the component-based architecture and continuous development, will allow Feedwo to adapt to clients, market pressures and new ideas, improving and enhancing services over time.

Technologies Used

  • .NET
  • MVC
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Uservoice



Recruitment, Business Social Networking




Case Study - Scio Consulting