Business Challenge

Fisrt American - Scio Consulting - Case StudyThe newest addition to the technology initiatives of First American Field Services, Property & Casualty (FSP&C) is the Property and Casualty Tracking System (PACTS). The vision of First American was to make PACTS the final step in transforming the FSP&C business into a fully automated service by changing the way inspection orders are distributed and the way the inspection results are captured and reviewed.

FSP&C had an internal operations management system to receive and manage work orders from its customers. The company also had a customer web site where FSP&C clients could review the status and download the results of their work orders. However, work orders were distributed to field inspectors by mail or email and inspectors had to return the completed inspection forms by mail or courier service. The home office would then capture inspection results by hand. What was needed was a web-based solution that would allow field inspectors to receive work order assignments, print out inspection forms filled with assignment data and enter results from the field, complete with the photos and diagrams associated with a work order.

The Solution

First American brought their requirements to the Scio Development Center and asked for an application that would enable field inspectors to receive work orders and file complete reports online, streamline internal process and lower total costs. In addition, a rules-based validation engine was needed for PACTS to validate captured inspection results and to reduce quality issues. Also, a diagramming system was needed to enable field inspectors to develop professional quality diagrams of inspected properties.

In response, Scio developed a web-based application that integrates with the database for the operations management system of FSP&C. The resulting application integrates into the overall workflow of the company, and, by sharing one database, users from the home office and field inspectors  can access and review work order data (status, results, etc.) in real time. It also allows quick communications between the field and the central office, work order acceptance, standard entry short cuts, uploading of inspection photos, and online entry of property drawings. Field inspectors are notified immediately of errors and omissions in their results so they can be corrected before submitting to the home office.

Scio developed the application on an Oracle database with ASP.NET and developed an innovative Flash-based computer-aided drawing module to allow field inspectors to draw consistent, standardized diagrams of the properties they inspected.

First American - Scio Consulting - Case Study

Business Value

The deployment of the PACTS application transformed the entry and management of field reports for First American as expected. The application has improved the control of field reports and reduced the need for central office data capture and report formatting considerably. Customer satisfaction has improved because the quality of field reports has improved at the same time the processing time has lowered significantly. The ease of use and flexibility of the field-focused initiative has improved the ability of field inspectors to manage their workload and their productivity.

The PACTS application is now part of many innovative approaches that have consolidated First American’s position in the market and improved productivity, customer satisfaction and profit.

Next Steps

As a partner in this effort with First American, Scio will be involved in maintenance of PACTS as well as ongoing enhancements over the long term. Because of the success of this product, the mortgage division of First American Field Services is currently requesting Scio services to develop enhancements to some of its products.



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