With increasing sales of Smartphones, the number of internet users has expanded exponentially over the last years. Smartphones are becoming cheaper and more capable while making the mobile industry an invaluable target. Growing number of Smartphone users have promoted Mobile applications and enforced business to have custom mobile apps. In less than a decade mobile application development has influenced the world and has successfully over passed plain websites and web apps.

Below are some points worth understanding that will change the future of custom mobile apps:

Unified Platform & Development

With growing advancement in mobile technology now apps are not limited to one device. Android will rule the platform due to its pricing and business terms of sales while the iOS will lead high end-market. Each day more and more custom mobile apps will be unified to work on all platforms with the help of HTML5. One mobile application will have to work on all platforms for it to be successful.


Custom Mobile apps for Internet of Things

iot-Custom mobile apps

Humans are now depending more on the internet for all regular activities. In the near future we will have lots of custom mobile apps to control things in our houses or offices from our smart devices. Google Glass, and wearables such as Smart Watches are just the beginning which will continuously grow. Integration of hardware, reading values from human body and controlling devices, lights, doors, and kitchen are now done from mobile applications.


Custom Mobile apps for Enterprise

Today’s enterprise mobile apps facilitate productivity in a range of ways. Businesses are building and leveraging apps for business development, ordering, restaurant management, project management, task lists, brainstorming, presentation development and delivery, bookmarking and archiving, social sharing, analytics/monitoring and booking flights to name a few.

Developer’s Kits & Time

We-are-a-group-of-people-that-really-enjoys-developing-software-Custom mobile apps

These days time is considered one of the most precious assess so there will be need of releasing custom mobile apps within faster time and they must have to be error free. Businesses will also want to digital transform themselves with Mobile applications at shorter intervals of time. A successful developer needs to be organized, having the best programming interface and software development kits to make it convenient to release applications in the shortest possible time.


Location based Services

Our daily activities such as ordering pizza or burgers, or hiring a taxi or a plumber have become possible through custom mobile apps.  These kind of applications ask for access to your location and as to find the nearest resources available for users. The challenge for apps developers will be to build them with enough security best practices as to assure confidentiality and stop marauding malware that might abuse users based on their location.


Mobile Security Apps

security-Custom mobile apps

Smartphones are becoming indispensable to every person and their dependence on phones raises the chances of accessing bank accounts and other confidential data where mobile security is critical. Banking industry was one of the first industries to invest in building custom mobile apps for this security purposes and in near future we will see a rise in similar applications from all industries where security breaches could cause suspension of a company’s operation if the apps are not hardened accordingly. Better Mobile security applications will be demanded the most in the near future.


Mobile Cloud Apps

Mobile cloud apps are becoming more popular as users don’t need to download and install them, users can use these apps thru their own mobile browsers. Cloud based custom mobile apps will take the hold in consumer world, as the division between push notifications at the OS level and the actual apps (local or in the cloud) will become less distinguishable as time passes.


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