Business Challenge

Good Juice | Case Study | Scio Consulting

The founders of Good Juice own and operate a respected wine shop in Bellevue, Washington. Their goal was to expand their customer base nationwide with an Internet ecommerce site that would allow them to sell at volume levels while preserving margins and to manage a virtual inventory of wines that were available, but not necessarily purchased until sold. To save costs on retail space and handling, it was planned that the wines would be shipped directly from warehouses to consumers.

Making the business model work effectively required a highly custom ecommerce site that could dynamically and display inventory attractively, lower administrative overhead, and provide a system for membership and newsletter management. As significant as this would be for the company however, Good Juice did not want to go through time and effort to select, hire and manage a technical team. They preferred to remain focused on their business model, customers and core expertise.

The Solution

Considering the goals of Good Juice and their timeline, our team knew that although a fully custom application would provide everything needed, it would also require a great deal of effort and considerable technical overhead to manage and extend the application over time. Instead, an integrated solution of commercial components was recommended, that could be customized to meet their requirements without sacrificing the richness of the components themselves and that would lower the effort and time to market required.
Custom templates and extensions of Sitefinity functionality provided Good Juice with the ability to send thousands of emails for each campaign with minimal, demandbased infrastructure costs and direct integration of their customer membership base. A system for management of catalog inventory and display that is integrated with the supply chain process completes a solution that can be managed by administrative personnel with little technical background.

Good Juice | Case Study | Scio Consulting

Company Overview

Good Juice Direct offers customers across the US the opportunity to purchase wine from a selection of three compelling offers per day and a library of wines brought together from recommendations of a group of trusted advisors.

Advisors represent a key demographic of consumers, allowing customers to select wines based on the choices of advisors with taste profiles similar to their own. The wine library is dynamic, showing wines currently available, Wine Spectator rating, advisor tasting notes, producer information, and member pricing. Membership is free and provides users with regular email newsletters detailing current offers.


An integrated set of off-the-shelf commercial components, customized to provide the functionality needed at a fraction of the effort and time usually required.

Technologies Used

  • Telerik CMS System
  • Microsoft SQL DB
  • Server Amazon simple e-mail service
  • Amazon Web Services for hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery



E-Commerce, Wine Sales




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