If I ask you for some money to build a product that you will use or sell, but then time goes by, and you never know what is going on, you don’t know how your product is getting shape, what decisions are being made, are those decisions something that would come out of my head or my heart? are you taking care of every edge or detail that will make the user love my product? seems that you are picturing a nightmare right? a lot of money invested and tons of time used to get something you didn’t ask for. 

One of the reasons you build something offshore or nearshore is that you will save a disproportionate amount of money than the one needed to build the same locally. However, that only happen if what you asked for is what your remote team built, so let me tell you how having an agile team is the way you can be certain that everything you asked for was implemented.

Constant and Clear Communication is a must

Constant and clear communication with stakeholders is one of the keys of Agile frameworks, what does this means is that you can (or must) be in daily communication with the people that are building your product, imagine your words, concerns, expectations resonating in their minds constantly, is almost like spreading your product awareness the whole team. Which by the way, will consider your priorities in every major decision they may take, or even better, you will notice that they are deciding as you would.

This constant communication will also let you be aware of your team’s technical and soft skills, not the ones that are on the contract but the actual ones you are noticing hands-on.

This way you will be able to match sooner if the required skills to build your product are the ones you are paying for, and if that’s the case, wouldn’t that make you feel confident about your product future?

nearshore agile team

If you ever had the chance to go to an In-N-Out Burger, you may notice that you actually are able to observe from the line, how fries and burgers are made. This tells your eyes “Hey look, everything is clean, ingredients are fresh, and fries are from actual potatoes”, now think about that in your product and your team. Transparency is one of the pillars of Agile.  


If your nearshore team is Agile, you will be able to see every step of your product development. The foundation, functional stuff, and all the decoration coming together to deliver something useful every fifteen days (or every iteration period of time according to your needs). Transparency will help you to anticipate if something is going in the wrong direction and reduce to the minimum undesired surprises.

“But hey, yes we can change the course if things are not good, but that will cost us a lot?”

Actually, it will cost you less because at the end of each iteration you will have the opportunity to realize if something is wrong and with the help of your team, you can decide which would be the best approach to follow.

This is what flexibility in Agile is all about, is not changing the goal every single day, that will be silly. Flexibility is about keeping the same goal but having the opportunity to test how to achieve it in several ways, you know like life.

Nearshore Agile Team

Should I trust my next software product to a nearshore agile team?

Imagine a pendulum going from flexibility to stability, this is the way an agile team practices flexibility, you will be able to change, add, remove, test at the end of each iteration otherwise will be just chaos.

If you are about to trust your product, the core or one of the pillars of your organization to a bunch of people who are far away, make your communication with them constantly.

Make sure they are able to adapt your organization’s product or market needs and provide you with enough transparency in their processes. This way, you will have an agile team that will be backing up your investment and helping you to seize the time properly, and I bet you, you will feel the team as part of your own organization. If you are looking to developing your next software product, send us a message we can help you! 

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Jesús Magaña

Jesús Magaña

Project Manager