Scouting for the right developer for your app project is not as easy as it seems. You may be a startup financier with an idea but cannot put the project together alone as you don’t know squat about the technical aspects. You just know how the app will operate once it’s up and running.

In this regard, you need to search for the perfect candidate who is competent enough to plan for and execute your ideas. Their services should be affordable and will not cause capital bleeding. They should be versatile enough to troubleshoot and execute non-core competency complications. They should also be trustworthy and keep a lid on confidential matters concerning the project, as you don’t want your app project to be preempted, and worse, copied. In addition, they should be accessible and proximate enough when you need their services.

Here are the various developer work arrangements you may consider.


This means outsourcing people or services near or adjacent to your country of origin.

There are great reasons to go for this option. Having people in proximity allows you to call on them only in times of need so you get to pay only for the time or effort spent. It likewise saves you time from the hiring process as you can hire someone (an agency) to do it for you.

There will also be less difference in the time zones, so will you have more shared real-time for task delegation and for working on the project.  It is more cost efficient than searching for and hiring talents offshore as they have the capability to troubleshoot and execute creative solutions that matter in real-time. This, in turn, increases efficiency and productivity.

As well, there will be fewer communication issues, if any, as they are most likely proficient in the English language and have a similar culture and lifestyle as you. This makes it easier to establish and foster work relationships. In addition, obtaining visas will not be as difficult as obtaining them for offshore countries, which makes traveling to and from the nearshore country much easier and cheaper. Working with nearshore developers allows you to save on indirect costs such as due diligence, contracting costs, travel, and communication costs.


This refers to outsourcing people and services externally, far from your country of origin and usually with the aim of scouting for competent people or services at a much lower labor cost.

Some of the benefits of hiring offshore developers include avoiding the hassle of setting up your own offshore development center. Likewise, you don’t have to contend with the ridiculous salary expectations that some onshore providers have. It’s also much easier to scout for and secure an affordable hard-to-find skillset offshore than onshore.

Going offshore entitles you to have full-control of the project, which you don’t usually get from ‘experienced’ outsourced on- site players. The learned instincts of many-experienced players usually undermine the concept of the creator. Furthermore, it’s much easier to increase the ROI with an affordable overhead.

Preferring the offshore route also prevents you from having to hire freelancers, as the best candidate will have already been taken, and the remaining ones are usually nondescript and unreliable. Despite the distance, some offshore talents are trained in various software development methods too.

On Site

Basically, these are office-based workers who are dedicated to doing one thing — to stay in the office to plan, put together, and execute a given project at any given time. They are sometimes ‘contracted’.

The advantage of having on-site developers is that they proximate to the principal and are always on-call while on office duty. Having said that, communications, unplanned meetings, and collaboration time are much easier to set up and execute. Moreover, being onsite enables developers to better focus on the project and to be less distracted by external things.


Freelancers are people or services not beholden to any company or principal. They can be either offshore or onshore people and should not be mistaken as unremarkable talents. Some of them are retired and out-of-job professionals from a former employer or industry of repute or are new graduates who, for some reason, can’t find their dream jobs at present. They also have their own system that makes their job a lot easier for future employers to appreciate.

What makes freelancers a good option? First, they are masters of their field of endeavor. They have ready portfolios for easy employer viewing and study. They stay ‘on the know’ about industry trends. They’re also not on the payroll, which makes them attractive to overseas employers. Best of all, the majority of freelancers can be found on any employee or job search sites for review.


Overall, talents are classified into their particular brand of service style, accessibility, and proximity. With the onset of free communications and collaboration tools, the distance factor is drastically voided in a good way. Somehow, accessibility is no longer a concern as opposed to the pre-Internet era.

To maximize the effectiveness of an offshore, nearshore, or freelance hire, it is best for you to prepare a contract for mutual benefit. That is key to a smooth and healthy owner-project coordinator relationship.

For large projects where you would need to constantly communicate with the developers, you may want to consider nearshore developers due to the similarities in time zone, culture, and language, which promote increased efficiency, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

If you need the services of competent and reliable nearshore software developers for your project, then contact us. We are a team of software professionals who can cater to your every software development need.