Almost all companies in this digital age, no matter what industry they belong to, require software applications to run their business operations with agility. This is necessary as they have to establish their niche in their field or achieve a competitive edge over other businesses. If you are one of these companies, you have the option to hire an onshore, near shore, or offshore development company.

The growth of offshore development companies

The number of offshore development companies all over the world has grown rapidly over the years, despite the reported disadvantages in outsourcing software requirements. In a report by Statista, a global statistical portal which conducts annual surveys on a number of industries worldwide including information technology (IT), offshore development companies still enjoy brisk business. In a 2017 survey it commissioned, 64 percent of respondents shared that they outsourced software development requirements to other companies.

Notwithstanding the relevant issues, a lot of companies still continue to hire the services of offshore developers and not just because they are cost-efficient. This validates reports that advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to software development outsourcing.

Reversing the downsides

Admittedly, there are downsides to hiring an offshore development company that can impact the successful execution of the project. The most significant of these are language and cultural barriers, different time zones and of course, the distance, which separates your company thousands of miles from your offshore developer. While these are generally true, this does not mean that you cannot hurdle these constraints. There are ways to manage an offshore team even if it operates in another country or continent.

Managing an offshore development company

Consider the following tips that can help you effectively and efficiently manage an offshore development team:

1. Know the company you want to hire

Try to learn as much as possible about its history and track record. What kind of business culture do they work in? What can and what can’t they deliver? While technical competence is not a big issue given that most of them are highly-trained software developers and engineers, there are other factors that should be considered to help you gauge if their expertise is most suitable to what your company needs. You will then be able to determine what you can expect from them.

2. Share your company’s goals and perspectives

After deciding on which company to hire, you must now be ready to share with them your company’s vision and mission. What is your core business? Who are your target clients? This will provide them a general direction on what you want them to do for you. Likewise, it is important for the development team to know what kind of company they are dealing with and if this is aligned with the core values of their own company.

Specify a time frame and the budget and resources that you would be allocating for the project.

3. Set up a clear communication plan

There should be regular communication between your local team and the offshore team. You must establish hotlines at both ends (yours and the development team) such that when an emergency occurs, you can deal with the problem immediately and with the right people instead of being given the runaround.

An established company would assign a project supervisor or senior level officer to handle your project. Most communications would be channeled through this person. You can draw a schedule of regular meetings (video calls and teleconferences) which may involve all those assigned in the project. The project manager, meanwhile, can provide regular updates to apprise you on the team’s progress from time to time.

4. Make use of project management tools

Project management tools will make the tasks easier for everyone. You can use them as a day-to-day guide, where all those working on the project are able to connect and find useful information, as well as share their ideas and collaborate sufficiently.

5. Regard the offshore team as part of the local team

Treat the offshore developers as part of your company even if they are working in a location on the other side of the globe. Involve them in all aspects of the project. Don’t leave them second-guessing or not quite aware of whether what they are doing is acceptable to your company or not.

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