You are a Manual QA Engineer knowledgeable in writing and executing test cases to verify the functionality of the software. You have a high level of understanding of software development and know different ways to test components in a range of scenarios. Your experience might not be too vast, but you are eager to learn and grow, putting your analytical skills to test, with exceptional attention to detail, as well as strong communication skills.

You also want to work with US-based clients at a Best Place to Code company that values collaboration, communication, and teamwork, and being better each day is a core principle. If that’s you, then we have a spot you’ll fit right in!

What you have

You have excellent communication skills, both in English and Spanish, and you are a team-oriented person capable of getting into the rhythm of a group of experts looking to create the best product possible. And on the more technical side, you have…

General QA Requirements

  • A documentation-oriented approach.
  • The ability to communicate with devs and report roadblocks.
  • The eagerness to learn new things every day.
  • Basic technical skills and how to apply them effectively.

Manual QA Requirements

  • The ability to test mobile (iOS, Android), and web applications and environments.
  • Experience with Agile, being able to provide input with other developers in SCRUM ceremonies.

And please let us know anything else we might find interesting about you! At Scio we value experience and knowledge in every collaborator, that’s how we build the best development teams possible.

The journey

We know your time is valuable, so the whole process will take about 2 weeks. There will be 4 interviews total (an initial one with Human Capital, a technical skill one, one with an Account Manager, and probably one with the client at the end), possibly with a technical test, if necessary.

We will keep you regularly updated about your application, but you can also get in touch with us to ask about its status or anything else you might want to know. Just have fun! If you are a good match for Scio, we will give you a formal job offer and ask you to get the pre-hiring requirements to us within 5 days at most, so preparedness is key.

Does this seem like a position designed just for you? We’ll love to check your resume. Please send it in English to and we’ll get back ASAP. Thanks for reading!