Digital technology has come a long way. Almost every business in every industry uses software created by talented programmers and developers. There are many software development companies that can help you achieve your goal of developing an application software suited to your kind of business. However, when hiring a Software Development Team to find a reliable one takes a lot of patience and hard work.  In this regard, you must select a company that possesses positive values and characteristics that match your own.

When it comes to finding a software development team, it should be one that is able to handle the scope of your project (with professional and highly skilled engineers), can work well with your lead team/department (culturally fitted), uses the best methodologies appropriate for the applications and software you have in mind, and whose cost falls within your allocated budget.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Software Development Team

There are about 250,000 unfilled job openings for software developers in the US, which means that for every software engineer, five openings are ready for his or her picking. Most of the talented ones flock to well-known companies such as Google and Microsoft.  But there are some emerging companies that are fortunate enough to recruit and retain highly competent engineers.  These companies, run by competent people who are passionate about their jobs, are the ones you should look for when hiring a software development company.

The following are some of the other factors you should consider:

  • Time Zone
  • Cost
  • Methodologies
  • Experience

Time zone

In any endeavor, timing is always of the essence. When hiring people that you would need for a certain job, project or activity, timing is a consideration.  It is important that the team you intend to hire is available anytime you need them.  Even the best software developers are useless if they are unable to attend collaborative meetings and discuss aspects of the project with you.  As a business person or corporate entity, you must strictly follow a timeline. You should choose a development team that promotes agility.

Companies that use the agile method have a flexible and adaptable environment that can respond promptly, most especially during critical times. It need not be an onshore company. A nearshore run by expert software engineers and managers is as good a choice as an onshore one.


Whether you are a startup, an experienced business person, or an established institution, the cost is a foremost consideration when you need to accomplish something. If you need to hire a software development team, consider the cost it would entail. You have to get the maximum value at the minimum cost.  How do you do that? Get a team that is rapid, responsive, and more importantly, an expert in their field; otherwise, you might just be throwing your money away. Sometimes you don’t need a well-known onshore software developer because you would be buying their services, not their name.  You may opt to look for a company that is very accessible (proximity is important), can speak the same language as you, and of course, charges lower than internal companies.


Currently, there are methodologies used in software development that are increasingly becoming popular.  Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban are two of the most widely used, and which can be adapted to your needs.  It is essential that the company you hire is well-versed with the methodologies it uses so that it can expertly guide you in accomplishing your goal from start to finish, as well as in maintenance and management aspects.


You want things done by experts.  Look for a company with extensive experience in handling projects similar to yours. Most likely, a company that has a high retention rate despite stiff competition is also able to provide you with experienced software engineers that can deliver the quality service that would satisfy your needs.

Nearshore company


Whatever application or software you need, your choice of developers should be a team that manifests the same values inherent in respectable and reliable companies.  Expertise, professionalism, flexibility, innovativeness, and responsiveness are only a few of the core values that you should look for before hiring a software development team.

You would want a team that talks to you and works side-by-side with you.  You would not want one that blindsides you and leaves you in the dark, leaving you guessing about what’s going on, what phase of the project they are in, or if they are accomplishing anything at all. You want to be actively involved in the project, but you also want them to work with minimum administrative supervision.  Most importantly, you want them to deliver the best product worthy of your investment.

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