Along with its expanding economy, Mexico is also making a remarkable progress in terms of Information Technology (IT) industry.

The United States is currently experiencing a crucial talent gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Mexico, where wages are more affordable, can easily fill that gap.

In fact, Mexico is producing many STEM graduates who can provide world-class IT services at a fraction of salaries received by their US counterparts.

Mexico thus becomes an attractive ‘nearshore location’ for American businesses that intend to expand their operations.  A lot of American companies are now investing in Mexico.

Why choose Mexico?

If you’re looking for the right software development partner for your business, here are the top reasons that you should consider Mexico:

1. Mexico abounds with world-class talents and skills

Mexico is growing rapidly, not only in terms of its economy but also in terms of its young population who gain training and expertise in the STEM fields. Many Mexicans are passionate about technology, as the Mexican government and universities are working hard to promote and upgrade IT education and training. Mexican graduates are known to possess the skills and knowledge that the IT sector demands nowadays.

2. Mexico is highly accessible to the U.S.

Mexico is close to the United States, being the southern neighbor of the world’s largest economy.  As both countries use similar time zones (Central Standard Time Zone), it is more convenient for American companies to travel and meet for regular meetings and have more face-to-face interactions with their software partners. Airlines also serve daily flights to Mexico from major cities of the United States.

3. It is more affordable to live or do business in Mexico

Living in Mexico is significantly cheaper. Everything is more affordable, including the flights, telephone cost, food, rent, transportation, and others, compared to living in the United States. This means you don’t have to invest more money to hire a software development partner in Mexico. Mexicans can provide you world-class IT services without you spending too much money. There are a lot of benefits you can get from choosing Mexicans as your software development partner.

4. Mexico has a stable and secure economy

As a country, Mexico is economically and politically solid. It is the United States’ second biggest partner in terms of trading. Mexico also enjoys close economic ties with the EU, Israel, Canada, Japan, and various Latin American nations.

Despite all these proven advantages, a lot of people are still asking if it is safe to launch a business in Mexico. The answer is absolutely yes — in terms of infrastructure, stability, and security.  You just have to choose wisely where to properly place your business in Mexico.

5. Mexico has well-educated software developers

Mexico has an expanding information technology (IT) outsourcing industry and is now the world’s third-largest exporter of IT services.  More than 2,000 IT companies from around the globe have established their operations in Mexico, providing employment to 600,000 Mexicans.

Experienced and well-educated software developers in Mexico are equipped to provide you with high-quality services. All of these details show that Mexico is successful in the IT industry.

6. Mexican IT professionals speak English

While Spanish is the main language of communication in Mexican cities, most business professionals in Mexico, including IT professionals and engineers, are proficient in the English language.

7. Mexico is a signatory to NAFTA

Mexico, being a part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), offers more Intellectual Property protection compared to other countries that also offer low labor cost.

8. Mexico has a large technical workforce

Many universities in Mexico offer an excellent education, most importantly in computer science and other technical degrees. More than 65,000 IT graduates enter the Mexican workforce annually.  With encouragement and incentives from the government, there are now more Mexican students enrolled in undergraduate engineering programs, compared to American students in the same disciplines. It is estimated that more than 10% of Mexican students are enrolled in IT-related programs and computer science.

9. Mexico has a stable and efficient energy supply

Not only does Mexico offer a good deal in terms of software development, but you can also count on the country for energy security. Power outages rarely occur in Mexico, compared to other offshore destinations such as India.

10. Mexico has world-class infrastructure

Mexico has invested in infrastructure and telecommunication sectors to support the growth of the IT industry.  Mexican telecom companies are investing in telecommunications modernization, including the installation of satellite links and fiber optics. This shows that Mexico is nearly catching up with the United States in terms of communication advantages.

Make it happen

Looking for the right software development partner shouldn’t be a hassle. For US companies, it is available just next door—Mexico.  Scio has the right solution for you. For all your software development needs, contact us. We can help you!