You are an expert at designing software solutions from the ground up, perfectly capable of making high-level decisions during the development cycle, and you have the know-how to lead a team of talented engineers and create the best software applications our clients can ask for. 

You are also very skilled at communicating with them to determine their requirements, are able to create comprehensive solution plans, and are an expert problem solver with a strong understanding of the broad range of software technologies and platforms available. Sounds like you? Then we might have something that fits you perfectly here at Scio. 

What you will be doing 

For this role at Scio, the main responsibilities of the Lead Architect include evaluating, identifying, and developing software solutions, as well as leading software development projects, documenting and recording every aspect of an application or software. 

You will also be in charge of training and overseeing the activities of the members of the development team, planning, tracking, and scheduling software deliverables, looking for problems within software systems and resolving the issues, and also developing a good collaboration dynamic with Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Programmers, and Engineers. 

What you have

This role also requires a vast experience in leadership and mentoring, which means that you know how to… 

  • Lead multiple and diverse engineering teams. 
  • Mentor and grow an engineering team. 
  • Persevere across all my teams. 
  • Implement processes and practices that help teams grow. 
  • Practice excellent communication skills. 
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to lead and work effectively in a team. 

We are also looking for an analytical collaborator with a sharp mind able to… 

  • Understand business and technical goals and translate those into functional and technical requirements. 
  • Analyze systems performance and vulnerabilities and define requirements and plans to improve the system’s performance and security. 
  • Define and analyze different metrics to monitor system performance, trigger alarms, and identify usage patterns and potential issues in the system. 
  • Write and review technical documentation. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Program Management, you are also quite used to… 

  • Manage multiple projects and share results with leadership. 
  • Prioritize projects based on impact, business goals, and resources. 
  • Identify and manage risks. 
  • Manage program governance, alignment, integration, finance, and continuous improvement. 

And getting into Programming and Architecture, you are more than able to… 

  • Design reactive systems for the cloud or on-premises. 
  • Evaluate tools and build prototypes. 
  • Do code reviews. 
  • Define best practices. 
  • Write code that follows best practices and security standards. 
  • Design test plans. 

If so, great! We are very interested in you and want to know more already. And to be thorough, in the more technical aspects of this position, you are also able to offer… 

  • Strong fundamentals in distributed systems design and operations including experience with the design and architecture of micro-services and stream-based systems. 
  • Experience with Kafka or similar high-scale stream processing systems and applications. 
  • Solid experience working with large private or public clouds. 
  • Experience with Serverless Infrastructure development (AWS Lambda, GCP Cloud Functions, Azure Functions). 
  • Experience with Virtualization and Virtual Machine development (e.g., Linux KVM, Docker, Kubernetes, Firecracker, Web Assembly / WASM, eBPF). 
  • Experience working with Java/JVM, JavaScript, and other modern languages (e.g., Scala, Python). 

Also, please tell us anything else that you think might be interesting. We value all kinds of experiences and knowledge in our teams, so don’t be shy! 

The journey

We know your time is valuable, so the whole process will take about 2 weeks. There will be 4 interviews total (an initial one with Human Capital, a technical skill one, one with an Account Manager, and probably one with the client at the end), possibly with a technical test, if necessary. 

We will keep you regularly updated about your application, but you can also get in touch with us to ask about its status or anything else you might want to know. Just have fun! If you are a good match for Scio, we will give you a formal job offer and ask you to get the pre-hiring requirements to us within 5 days at most, so preparedness is key.  

Does this seem like a position designed just for you? We’ll love to check your resume. Please send it in English to and we’ll get back ASAP. Thanks for reading!