The puzzle of developing the server-side web application logic in JavaScript is one you love to solve, as well as designing and maintaining the back-end components that connect with other web services. And right now, you are looking to work with US-based clients at a company that collaborates with talent from all over LATAM. Sounds like you? Then please keep reading!


If you master the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds, the differences between multiple delivery platforms (such as mobile vs. desktop), and the know-how to optimize output to match the specific platform, then we are already very interested in you! You also have good proficiency in both English and Spanish and love to collaborate with others to reach success. And on a more technical side, you also have…

  • 4+ years of experience in software development.
  • 1+ years of experience with NodeJS.
  • Strong proficiency with JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it such as Express.
  • Proficiency in building APIs to be consumed by Web and Mobile applications.
  • Good understanding of server-side templating languages such as Jade or EJS.
  • Good understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors such as Stylus, Less, etc.
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance.
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system.
  • Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.
  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes.
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.

Also, we welcome any other relevant experience you might want to share with us! We value experience and knowledge above all else, so feel free to tell us anything that could be relevant!


We know your time is valuable, so know the whole process will take about 2 weeks. There will be 4 interviews total (an initial one with Human Capital, a technical skill one, one with an Account Manager, and probably one with the client at the end), possibly with a technical test, if necessary.

We will keep you regularly updated about your application, but you can also get in touch with us to ask about its status or anything else you might want to know. Just have fun! If you are a good match for Scio, we will give you a formal job offer and ask you to get the pre-hiring requirements to us within 5 days at most, so preparedness is key.

Does this seem like a position designed just for you? We’ll love to check your resume. Please send it in English to and we’ll get back ASAP. Thanks for reading!