Since 2003, we’ve been helping others achieve their business objectives by leveraging digital technologies and offering a one-stop-shop for all software engineering needs. We’re a nearshore web and app development company providing services to clients throughout the Americas and Europe. 

Each project we take on is guided by our client’s vision and goals, and we don’t stop until we turn that vision into a reality. These days, anyone can build an app, but only a select few can develop a functional, user-friendly, and well-engineered product that is guaranteed to drive long-term business success. Luckily, Scio’s highly-skilled, dynamic, and professional team has a proven track record of doing just that.

Here at Scio, we firmly believe that our success is based on the success of our customers. We appreciate nothing more than receiving client feedback, which is why partnering with the ratings and reviews platform Clutch made perfect sense to us. Clutch curates lists of top agencies and firms and emphasizes industry leaders using verified and unbiased client feedback. Based on what our clients have to say about us, we’re ranked among the top 10 on Clutch’s list of the best app developers in Mexico — which includes more than 550 firms!

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Liveli Review

Liveli Review

We just received a perfect 5-star review from Liveli Enterprises, a startup that created a web- and app-based time management tool geared toward women. They outsourced their tool’s MVP development to our team based in Mexico, and we got to work. 

Utilizing a PowerPoint provided by the client that laid out their goals and ideas, we brought their vision to life. Our team even built upon their ideas and added specialized functionalities, ultimately delivering an MVP that’s functional and easy to use. 


“I was looking for a team that wouldn’t charge me a considerable amount for getting my business off the ground. Scio is an incredible partner for young startups, delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price.” — CEO, Liveli Enterprises


The client commended our project management capabilities, especially our timely and clear communication. They appreciated that we had weekly webcam meetings to ensure our teams were on the same page and to give them the opportunity to ask any questions that they had. 

We look forward to collecting more reviews on Clutch! We’re also thrilled to report that we’re listed on Clutch’s business resources partner site, The Manifest, as a top web development company. Contact us to learn more about why we’re so highly rated!