Last March 22nd we celebrated our 15th anniversary. We celebrated it in the presence of all the people who work in Scio, former employees, customers, partners, friends and family who have, are and will be part of this company over time.

To reach the age of 15 is easy to say, but it has not been a quiet path. Like everything else, it has had its ups and downs but always in constant growth. The only thing that has remained fixed during all these years, has been the passion and dedication that you have in each of the projects in which Scio has participated.

During the event, our CEO and founder Luis Aburto told us some emotional words in which he remembered the beginnings of Scio and how it was that thanks to each and every one of the people who have collaborated with Scio in different ways we have contributed to the growth of this company.

As well as Luis, we also had the pleasure of listening to words from the entire Management team, each one referring to how it was that they started their career in Scio and how their trajectory and growth has been over the years.

Each and every one of the people who spoke, shared with us how proud they feel to be part of a company like Scio, as it has been to start from scratch in an industry that at the time was little known and that despite the fact that today is one of the industries with the highest growth rate still represents a challenge. As well as some of the obstacles they have faced, but thanks to hard work and dedication they have managed to get ahead.

It was an event in which we were all part of the Scio family, living and sharing experiences and anecdotes of the company (some good and others not so good), spending a pleasant time between acquaintances and friends celebrating as they should celebrate 15 years.

For this reason and many other things, we would like to share with you this small video where you can see a little of how much fun we have. We would also like to thank all the people who throughout this time have been part of Scio and especially the people who accompanied us on the day of the event. Thank you very much!