Business Challenge

Techenomics - Scio Consulting - Case Study

To meet customer requirements, Techenomics needed a way to quickly provide analysis results to a diverse set of field locations operating in many different environments. Traditional delivery methods were unreliable and unable to provide custom reports or historical data efficiently. A more efficient delivery system for results would streamline internal process and improve client retention in a highly competitive industry.

  • Provide lubrication analysis reports to customer field locations across Australia and Indonesia as quickly as they can be made available.
  • Provide standard and custom reporting capabilities from historical and current data for each customer and their monitored equipment base.
  • Streamline internal analysis delivery processes and improve customer retention.

The Solution

To meet the challenge, Scio Development Services developed an Internet-based application in ASP.NET to provide clients on-demand access to their lubricant analysis results and reports. The application provides an easy to use interface, charts, reports (web and PDF) and data export from a database of customer data in MySQL. The administrative side of the application was developed to enable the staff of Techenomics to manage client accounts and data uploads and validation.

Techenomics - Scio Consulting - Case Study

Company Overview

Techenomics provides lubricant management and analysis for heavy equipment in mining, power generation, pulp and paper, agriculture, shipping and rail throughout Australia and Indonesia. The value of the equipment, the working environments and industry safety issues mandate consistent, independent lubricant analysis to meet industry standards and contain equipment maintenance costs.


The resulting application can be reached by client teams at any field location with Internet access. Test results can be made available immediately to clients and clients can review results in the context of historical data. Clients can import the results into
custom data sets that correspond to their needs and aid them in making critical maintenance decisions. For Techenomics, the application has improved customer satisfaction, lowered the administrative overhead required to send results to customers and
improved the company’s ability to provide value-added consulting services to clients. Working with Scio Support and Maintenance has also enabled Techenomics to undertake several critical maintenance procedures on their servers without high cost or business disruption.

Technologies Used

  • MySQL



Heavy Equipment Lubrication Analysis




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