Top 8 Staff Augmentation Companies in Mexico and Latam with 20+ Years of Experience (And Why You Should Consider Them)

The software development landscape in Latin America has seen a surge in staff augmentation services. While this offers an overwhelming variety of options, it also presents challenges.  Unqualified providers can infiltrate the market, hindering your ability to find the perfect talent for your project. This is where established staff augmentation companies with a proven track record come in.

Staff augmentation companies offer businesses a cost-effective way to access skilled developers, allowing them to scale their teams quickly and efficiently. However, with the abundance of providers, the challenge lies in identifying reputable companies with the experience and expertise to deliver.

There are several reasons why staff augmentation has become so popular in Latin America.  One key factor is the cost savings compared to hiring in-house developers, particularly in developed countries.  Latin America boasts a large pool of skilled development talent, allowing businesses to find qualified individuals at competitive rates.

Another factor is the cultural adaptability of Latin American developers. Many have experience collaborating with foreign companies, fostering seamless communication and integration into your existing team.

Finding the Right Partner

If you’re considering staff augmentation for your software development project in Latin America, due diligence is crucial. Ensure you partner with a reputable company with a proven track record. Research their experience, expertise, and client testimonials.

To help you navigate this landscape, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 staff augmentation companies in Mexico and Latam, each boasting over 20 years of experience in the software development industry.  These companies have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality talent and fostering successful project outcomes.


Top 8 Staff Augmentation Companies in Mexico and Latam

  • Scio (Mexico): Founded in 2004, Scio is a leading provider of outsourcing and staff augmentation services with a focus on building strong partnerships with tech companies, digital transformation agencies, and mid-sized companies. We specialize in identifying the best talent across various IT disciplines to ensure a perfect fit for your project needs. Consider Scio if you value a personalized approach, a partner who takes the time to understand your unique business goals, and who takes good care of their organizational culture.  ( )
  • Globant (Argentina): Established in 1999, Globant offers staff augmentation solutions with a global presence (18 countries, 25,000+ employees). They focus on digital transformation and user experience. (
  • TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) (India): Founded in 1968, TCS is a global IT giant (46 countries, 600,000+ employees) offering staff augmentation services. They emphasize robust infrastructure and proven methodologies. (
  • NTT DATA (Japan): Founded in 1988, NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider with a global reach (50 countries, 130,000+ employees). They offer staff augmentation services to assemble project-specific teams. (
  • CI&T (Brazil): Founded in 1995, CI&T offers staff augmentation solutions with a focus on digital transformation, user experience, and software development (8 countries, 5,000+ employees).
  • Wizeline (Mexico): Founded in 2014, Wizeline offers nearshore development and staff augmentation services, combining AI with design and agile methodologies. (
  • Stefanini (Brazil): Established in 1987, Stefanini is a global IT services company (29 countries, 30,000+ employees) offering staff augmentation services with a comprehensive recruitment process. (
  • Neoris (Mexico): Founded in 2000, Neoris offers staff augmentation solutions with deep industry knowledge (15 countries, 4,000+ employees). They focus on digital transformation, BPO, and software development. (

Why Choose a Staff Augmentation Company in Mexico and Latam?

Mexico and Latam offer a compelling combination of factors that make them ideal destinations for staff augmentation partnerships. Here’s why:


  • Vast Talent Pool: Mexico and Latam boast a large and growing pool of highly skilled IT professionals, providing you with a diverse range of talent to choose from.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Staff augmentation can significantly reduce your overall project costs. You avoid expenses associated with recruitment, onboarding, and infrastructure.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Staff augmentation allows you to scale your team up or down as project requirements evolve. This flexibility is crucial for businesses navigating dynamic project landscapes.
  • Expertise and Experience: Staff augmentation companies possess the expertise and experience to streamline the talent acquisition process. They efficiently identify and match your specific project needs with the most qualified individuals.
  • Reduced Time to Market: By leveraging pre-vetted talent, you can expedite project initiation.


Choosing the Right Partner: It’s All About Trust

Beyond cost and talent availability, there are other crucial factors to consider when choosing a staff augmentation partner.  Evaluating the company’s experience in staff augmentation services, how they care for their talent, and their key performance indicators (KPIs) will provide valuable insights.


One important KPI is the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).  This metric measures employee satisfaction and willingness to recommend the company to others. A high eNPS, like Scio’s 98%, indicates that employees are happy with their work environment and likely to stay with the company long-term. This translates to a reliable and committed team for your project.

Another key metric is customer lifespan, which reflects the length of time customers stay with the company.  Scio’s strong customer lifespan of 5 years demonstrates our ability to provide high-quality services and build strong relationships with clients. This ensures we can deliver on our promises and provide you with the ongoing support you need.

Finally, a low employee turnover rate is a strong indicator of a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. Scio’s 2.9% turnover rate signifies this strength.  This translates to a higher likelihood of finding qualified and experienced developers for your project, ensuring its success.


Ready to experience the advantages of staff augmentation with a trusted partner?

Scio, with over 20 years of experience, has a proven track record of building strong relationships and finding the perfect talent fit for your project. We take pride in our commitment to agile environments and fostering a collaborative spirit within augmented teams.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements and explore how we can help your business to achieve even greater success!