Today’s businesses need more than a good marketing and sales strategy to gain profit. They also require a type of software for effective and efficient production, management, and operations.

For this reason, businesses need to employ either a software engineer or a third-party software development company to build software programs that would specifically cater to their needs.


How software improves businesses

Today, almost every modern electric-powered device is embedded with software to perform simple tasks and provide immediate digital solutions to ordinary problems.

In layman’s terms, software is a computer program (or a collection of programs) that performs specific and complementary functions.

In businesses, these programs might come in the form of dashboards, analytical reports, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other data services.


What are the top services that software development companies provide?

Usually, when people hear “software development,” the first thing that comes into their minds in web development.

Though there really is nothing wrong with this notion per se, software development agencies offer other services that business owners should also consider acquiring for the sake of improving their margins.

Here are some of the top services that only the best software development companies can provide:


1.      Web Application Development

Web applications are essentially computer programs that use web technology to perform their tasks on the Internet.

Since most businesses use the Internet for fast and cost-effective transactions and communications, it only makes sense that they should have their own web applications.

A simple example of a web application is the shopping cart that you often see when you shop online.

Web applications can run on different platforms—that is, any user (regardless of the device that they are using) can access the same application version without any issues as long as it is compatible with the browser.

The great thing about web applications is that they can reduce the operational costs, as they can still run effectively even with low maintenance and support.


2.      Mobile Application Development

According to research, more than 45% of online shoppers use their mobile devices. This is compared to 34% who opt to use their desktop computers.

Furthermore, 12.5% of brick-mortar-store buyers admitted that they had discovered their latest purchase while browsing online using their mobile phones.

If those numbers still have not convinced you to get mobile application development services, then consider the latest market survey wherein a whopping 53% of consumers would browse for deals online instead of inquiring about it through a sales associate.

That is a lot of potential sales that you are missing simply because your business has no mobile application software.

In a sense, mobile application software is not much different from a web application, except that the former often takes advantage of the features of a specific mobile device.

For example, the Samsung Health app takes advantage of the mobile’s GPS sensor and another app (usually Google Maps) to count the number of steps while the user is walking/running.


3.      Cloud Application Development

Cloud-based apps are software programs that are available to end-users through the Internet using the server provider’s cloud technology.

The advantage of having cloud-based apps is that you can provide additional services to a greater number of customers without spending extra on facilities or infrastructure.

Thus, many businesses see the benefits of migrating their applications to the cloud.

Software development companies can help business owners decide the functionalities that they want to switch to cloud-based and what cloud platform (i.e., hybrid or private) should be used to protect the privacy and security of the business.


4.      SaaS Application

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a software delivery method that permits users to access data from any device through the Internet.

In this setup, the business owners are given the option to outsource their IT requirements since they do not have to spend on any hardware, nor do they need to hire additional personnel to maintain or troubleshoot the software.

SaaS is also a lot cheaper than on-premise software as the payment is either through an annual or monthly subscription fee. Unlike with on-premise software, the SaaS subscription fees often include support and software license fees, among others.

Though SaaS applications are cost-effective, it is generally recommended to startups or to small-to-medium enterprises.

The complexity of the business can be an issue to SaaS, whose main attribute is that it can significantly reduce overhead expenses by closing functionality gaps of simple business processes.


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