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When it comes to app and website design, there are few concepts more important than that of the user experience (UX).  And while there are many businesses that try to create websites that are customer friendly, the results are often less than desirable. It is for this reason, that businesses need to concentrate efforts on developing websites and applications that enhance the user experience.

First Impressions are Vital

One of the first things that any user is going to notice when they visit a website is the layout and the structure of the page. Much of this visual design is going to fall into the category of the user interface, but it is the functionality behind the design where the user experience really begins. It will only take a few clicks of the mouse for the visitor to determine if they will remain on the page or search elsewhere. If the user feels confused or has difficulty finding what they are looking for this will detract from their experience.

Navigation Issues

user experienceThere is no doubt that a user’s ability to navigate a website is key to generating leads and expanding the customer base. When you are designing a website interface that is going to rely heavily on user experience, make sure that the site does not look unorganized. If the site looks like it was quickly thrown together without much thought, then that can reflect negatively on the company. This concept is especially important in e-commerce platforms, where customers may have to search through multiple pages and listing to find a specific product. With an e-commerce site, it is wise to use features such as drop-down menus and easily identifiable links which will create a more efficient process for locating items.

Play on Emotions

This may come as a surprise, but emotions play a significant role in user experience. If a visitor happens upon your site and they immediately become immersed in the interface, then this will heighten their experience and go a long way in retaining them as a returning customer. In fact, with an interface that is easy to interact with, there is a far greater chance that the user will share the URL with friends and family. This play on emotions and the spreading of the website through social media and word-of-mouth is how some of the major players in the industry, such as Amazon and Ebay, got their start.

In Summary

While there are two major components to consider when building an app or a website – user experience and user interface, the two go hand-in-hand in creating an interface that will please the user. More specifically though, it is the concept of user experience that is going to determine whether a customer becomes a returning user. When you are implementing steps to make for a better user experience, try to ensure that the website is easily navigable so that customers can quickly find the information they are seeking. In addition, if you are running an e-commerce website, it is crucial to make use of drop-down menus and clearly labeled links, as this will increase conversion rates. By keeping these tactics in mind, you will capitalize on the importance of the user experience.