If a person begins a business with his or her unique idea and acts on it from the planning stage until its completion, then the entrepreneur’s venture is called a startup. Only the brave, the bold, the passionate, and the gutsy take the leap and courageously call themselves founders.

Yes, starting a business with a product or service that is new to the consumers’ eyes and ears is scary. It is high in risk, high in commitment, and would mean overall responsibility. But it is also addictive, appealing, and very rewarding (if you do it right!).

Here in Scio, we have worked with a lot of startups, and these are the reasons why we love them and crave working with them:

Working with startups is highly addictive

Founders question everything and provide solutions to unresolved problems. They attempt to provide a way to make things better, easier, and more engaging to clients. Working with them is always a great pleasure. They are people with novel ideas and enough passion to bravely compete with big, established companies. They are the people who are out there to make a mark in this world.

It is very addictive to work with them. We get to discover new apps that are not out in the market yet. We get to experience the creation of the next big thing on the Internet. We get to know things that other people think are impossible. We learn and grow with them.

Moreover, founders are in charge of what, when, where, and how to do things in the company. They’ve got the agility that big companies do not enjoy. The work process that takes years in big companies are done within months in startups.

Decisions do not need the approval of top management — moving from the manager to the director to the VP to Mr. C-something. Decision-making scenarios in a startup is most probably like the following: founders sit down with their team, talk about things over coffee or beer, then decide. This comes very handy in times of changes, which need to be done at once. We get things done in a jiffy.


Startups are very appealing

Startups have more personality than many perceive. Their uniqueness stems from the fact that only a handful of people develop and run the business and that they do so with much passion. They provide novelty, which people enjoy for the first time. It is more surprising, interesting, and exciting to know that what you have or experienced is relatively unknown to others.

Startup peeps are the people who arrive earlier than punctual and work longer hours, yet are still giddy for the next big day at work. Their passion and enthusiasm with their ideas is contagious. They know the lingo and are willing to do things out of the norm (which big companies are so adamant to stay with). They are the type of people whom creative and innovative people love to work with.

Furthermore, the ability of founders to transform their ideas into reality is highly admirable. They are not so much into making money as they are into making their idea available to the public.

Startups are very rewarding If done right

According to Forbes, nearly 90% of startups fail.

Startups are risky and scary. They mean a lot of hard work. But once you man or woman up and have the guts to start one, then it will be rewarding even in the planning stage. And if you do it right, it will prove to be very rewarding.

Unicorn startups are worth taking inspiration from. These are startup companies that have a current valuation of $1billion or more. Examples are Uber, Airbnb, and Dropbox. Even Facebook and Twitter used to be unicorn startups. To think that they had very humble beginnings – usually as a hobby or a personal project in the founders’ homes – we cannot help but be awed by how far they’ve gone and by how much they’ve grown. If you have a winning idea that’s waiting to be turned into reality, then you could be among these amazing unicorns, too!


It is a joy to work with people who passionately want to create something. And nothing is more rewarding than working with startup founders and helping them succeed. At Scio, our success comes from our clients’ success. Our professionals are armed with technical and industrial expertise, passion for technology, and empathy in developing products. If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea for a mobile or software application that will change the world, we promise to deliver exactly the things you envision.

Be brave. Be bold. Be more passionate than you’ve ever been. Have the courage to convert your great idea into reality. Contact us,  and let us help you make your dream come true.

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