Businesses today cannot simply survive with some form of internet presence, whether it’s a corporate website or social media accounts. Thus, it is only sensible for small- to medium-sized companies to invest in web development. Some business owners even opt to learn web development for beginners so that they don’t need to pay for professional services.

Top reasons you should learn web development

Usually, small business entrepreneurs choose to set up social media accounts rather than put up a company website simply because the former is free. This is aside from the fact that managing social media platforms requires no technical know-how.  In short, you don’t need to spend time nor money on learning web development for beginners.

In promoting products and services, websites perform better than social media accounts in terms of audience reach. While social media platforms offer several marketing tools, the business owner still won’t have complete control over the marketing content.

They won’t be able to promote their products or services freely. After all, your content would be subjected to the platform’s terms and services. It’ll be quite easy for these platforms to shut you down over the tiniest violation. This means it might be difficult to host a contest, offer unique products, or promote bundled kits lest you inadvertently violate some of their terms.

When you have your own website, you can upsell and cross-sell freely which can lead to a significant boost in sales.

Digitization has brought an unexpected evolution for sales and marketing. With the help of the internet, it is far easier for manufacturers to sell directly to their consumers as well as answer any pressing inquiries about your brand. Brandishing a website that would tell consumers what your company and products all about make it easy to know, like, and eventually trust your brand.


A beginner’s guide to web development

You don’t have to be a computer genius to learn web development. You just need to have some basic knowledge on how the computer works and how to effectively use the internet as your medium. The trick, really, is to find a computer program that will be easy and fun for you to understand.

If you are a complete novice in the art of programming, you might want to start with studying basic computer languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is a standardized computer language that enables the user to create a website. The beauty of HTML is that it is easy to understand and apply despite the constant revisions to accommodate the growing demand of all internet users. Depending on your level of comprehension, it is possible to grasp the basics of HTML in just a few hours.

In the simplest terms, HTML is a special text that makes it possible to navigate around the web (e.g. hyperlinks). The ‘special text’, in this case, is a series of text-file shortcodes (known as tags) which are then translated into a visible form through an internet browser.

After learning the fundamentals of HTML, it is critical to study CSS or Cascading Style Sheets next. CSS teaches you how to layout your HTML elements so that your website would be functional and still look its best. In short, CSS defines your website’s style, format, and design. Learning CSS is a bit more complicated than HTML but is ultimately worth it. After all, no consumer would want to buy from an amateur-looking website.

Like HTML, CSS is also written in plain, text-file shortcodes. These codes can dictate the general appearance of your website (external CSS), help create a unique looking page (internal CSS), or change an individual style like font color by directly writing into the HTML code (inline CSS).

Finally, you need to spare some time learning JavaScript. As HTML and CSS, it is a computer scripting language that lets you create and control moving features like videos, animated graphics, and slideshows without needing to manually refresh the page. This makes your webpage interactive and thus, gives your consumers a better user experience.

As JavaScript is necessary to automate some processes and is therefore integral to web’s functionality, most web browsers have their own built-in engines that can understand and translate JavaScript commands.

Do computer codes and programming make you dizzy?

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