In this digital age, almost everything is run by some sort of software application. This is especially true for businesses, which heavily rely on technology for running their operations.

If you are a business owner, the first step you might ask yourself when deciding which software to use for your company is: Should I invest in custom software development or the readily available one?

You might think that readily-made software is easier and cheaper to obtain than a customized one. Well, while this is true to some extent, you may be surprised to learn that you will actually get more benefits from the latter.

So, before you settle for that super easy and only monthly/yearly subscription/license fee generic software, here are the top reasons why you should opt for customized software:


It is a special, made-to-order software based on your needs

Readily available generic software is built with generic options. However, there is no such thing as generic companies. Your business might need unique features or run specific functions that are not available in an off-the-shelf software. This is one of the reasons why big and small companies, universities, personalities, and even charities opt for custom software.

Moreover, the problem with generic software is that they can’t adapt to the changes your clients need and the progress your company makes. However, if you invest in custom software, its platform can change as the need arises or as you wish.

Do you want to have a reservation page? Done. Do you want to have some quirky feature? Done. With tailor-made software, you’ve got the freedom to incorporate and integrate features and updates anytime and every time you want to. This is a great capability, since all businesses grow and develop.

With customized software, there are no limited options on how you want your software equipped.

You get to have your own security and support features

If there is a bug that needs to be fixed, your team can get it done the minute you tell them to. In addition, customized software follows an easy process to resolve such issues. You can save money and have your problems fixed in a timely manner with such an advantage. This also allows your software development team to give recommendations for further improvements in your software.

Another problem with readily-made software is that they have generic coding. Only one virus or malware is needed for your business to be compromised.

With invest in custom software development, you can integrate all the needed security measures that will ensure the protection of your company and clients. You can always ask your team to implement new security schemes or make the necessary adjustments. There will be no need to wait for a generic update if you can have yours in a snap.

And here’s another issue you should consider: What if the developer of the readily-made software opts to shut down their operations? This means that there will be no more updates; no more customer support; and no more development. Your company may be left behind by your competitors.

You not only compromise the platform you use to connect with your client, but you’ll be stuck with the last update that the software developer has made. Even if you paid for the subscription or license, that generic software is still not yours. You can’t control something you don’t own.


You Save on Costs

Although the subscription or license fee for the readily-made software is far less than the cost of having a customized software, is the readily-made one really cheaper?

If you evaluate the software landscape and measure the things you will sacrifice in terms of functionality, security, and design or the ease of use you’ll get with a readily made software as opposed to what you’ll get from a customized one, you will be able to determine the true amount of your savings. 


You Get to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

As mentioned earlier, generic software can’t adapt to the changes in your clients’ needs nor to the changes in your environment. Moreover, your clients may be looking for specific features that are not included in the licensed software. A greater ROI is seen in businesses that adapt to, provide for, and anticipate their clients’ needs.

So, Why You Should Invest in Custom Software Development?

Customized software offers great advantages in comparison to a readily-made one. It is a special software that can perform the specific functions in your business and that has your own security and support features. It makes for great savings in the long term and will meet all anticipated client needs. It can also be easily modified to adapt to environmental changes.

So, opt to use custom software for your business needs. If you don’t have your own software development team, then let our software development engineers at Scio create a software that is uniquely matched to your company’s operations and client expectations and that will improve your company’s productivity and efficiency. For more information, contact us.

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