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We are development specialists for Web apps, Mobile Apps, SaaS Apps, UI/UX Design and Cloud platforms.

Managed Engineering Teams for Tech Companies

We build and manage nearshore engineering teams for Tech companies that need to increase their software development capacity, increase their agility and reduce their product development costs

Our Approach:

We hire top engineers in Mexico and
LatAm to augment the software
development capacity of our clients.

 We then work together to achieve
and maintain high alignment and
top productivity.

Product Teams

  • Full product lifecycle experience
  • Right size & team composition
  • Top talent

Backed by peers

  • Access to other resources and people in Scio
  • Ongoing coaching and training
  • Constant cross-pollination and learning

Your team, always

  • Individuals, not FTEs!
  • Same work hours
  • Individually accountable
  • Structured on-boarding & team building

Nearshore advantages

  • Lower costs
  • High productivity & alignment
  • Low overhead
  • Easy, inexpensive travel
Nearshore Software Company

Benefits of Scio

Our nearshore delivery model offers geographical and cultural proximity that enables seamless, accurate communication and provides advantages in managing fast moving projects, especially those projects that depend on short feedback cycles and eye-to-eye alignment between all participants.

1. Work on your Timezone

2. High cultural affinity

3. Highly skilled resources


We have experience in all the major Technology Stacks and Cloud services







Net core






Three reasons to work with us

Success in software development only happens when all involved work towards a common goal, and when there is mutual trust and a deep understanding of the underlying drivers and objectives. So, beyond code, we strive to understand your goals and priorities.

1. Collaborative Partnering Approach

2. Accessible and committed to your success

3. A technical team you actually enjoy working with


To The Stars
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Who we are

  • We have assisted hundreds of organizations in the US, Europe and Australia since 2003.
  • Our employees have worked on the most complex software development challenges for enterprises, software companies and startups.
  • Our US and Mexico-based teams collaborate with customers around fast-paced and high-value development projects.

They are genuine people and great technologists. Their team behaves with the integrity, honesty, and responsibility of employees.”

Nathan B, Co-Founder.

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