Tech Companies need and Engineering Team

But building one, and managing it for top performance, is not without its challenges.

Our Solution

Managed Engineering Team that you will feel as your own, at a fraction of the cost.

Product Teams

Full product lifecycle experience, Right size & team composition, Top talent.


Your team, always

Individuals, not FTEs!, Same work hours, individually accountable, structured on-boarding & building.

Backed by peers

Access to other resources and people in Scio, ongoing coaching and training.


Lower Costs

High Productivity & Alignment

Low Overhead

Easy, inexpensive travel

What our customers say about us

“Scio rigorously screens their developers, so I can trust that each person working on our projects is top-notch.”

Manuel Romero


“They are genuine people and great technologists. Their team behaves with
the integrity, honesty, and responsibility of

Nathan Bowie

Planning Blox

“We give Scio team members the requirements and they come back with
options to solve those problems. Scio is responsive to issues and willing to take
on new challenges to meet requirements.”

Ameet Shahani


“Scio’s engineers are extremely capable,
intelligent, and they produce quality work. Scio is regular in their communication, and the value they place on lowturnover has led to a smooth partnership.”

Carey Martell


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