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We provide turn-key software engineering capabilities to our clients for about 30% less than an internal U.S. team without the time zone difference or the cultural gap of offshore outsourcing.

Nearshore Benefits

Individuals, not FTES

With a nearshore model you can “break down the walls” and form a single working team with a shared vision of the product, goals and requirements.

Same Business Hours

Being on a similar time zone allows real-time collaboration, management, and oversight of the project, resulting in better outcomes and higher project efficiencies.

Product mindset

We focus on mission-critical and commercial software products and have experience in all phases of their lifecycle, from design to DevOps.

Easy, inexpensive travel

Short travel times and reasonable expenses make it easy to have face-to-face meetings with your team any time you want.

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Our Nearshore Software Development Approach

We offer geographical and cultural proximity that enables seamless, accurate communication and provides advantages in managing mission-critical projects, especially those projects that depend on short feedback cycles and eye-to-eye alignment between all participants.

Why Scio?

We are a nearshore vendor for outsourced software development with clients in North America from our development center in Mexico. We are headquartered in Austin, TX and our Development Centers are located in Morelia and Guadalajara, Mexico, which are on U.S. Central time zone and a short flight away from major U.S. cities. This way, our team members collaborate with you in real-time, enabling true agility in nearshore software development.

For most practical purposes, having a nearshore team is very similar to having a team in a different city in the US: you work together on the same business hours (or very similar) and meeting face to face just involves a short flight. Most importantly, however, the cultural affinity is very high, so you communicate with each other in the same terms you do and they “get it”.

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