How We Work

We approach these services from an integrated DevOps perspective, working in close collaboration with product managers and business decision makers to ensure alignment with strategic priorities at all times.

Full lifecycle approach

We have designed our structure, processes and skill set around a simple objective: be a one-stop shop for all the software engineering needs of our customers, throughout the full lifecycle of their software products.

To do this we provide full lifecycle engineering services, addressing the needs of all the stages of a software product:

Product Definition
App Maintenance & Support
Infraestructure and App Management
App Development
Architecture and Design
Testing and Quality Assurance

We build it, launch it and take care of it!

Good software engineering

Any average developer can build a working application, however, it is a very different thing to build a well-engineered application. Good software engineering requires experience and deep technical knowledge to design applications that are reliable and can scale with your business.
Our approach requires that an experienced Software Architect is responsible for providing technical guidance in every project, so that we deliver a system that you and your users can rely on.

True agility

We become your software engineering team based in Mexico, which means we are on your same time zone. So we work side-by-side with you during regular business hours, enabling real-time collaboration and therefore true Agile development practices.

This approach translates into higher productivity derived from faster review cycles and higher alignment of expectations. Additionally, it requires less effort to be spend on team management, documentation and administrative activities.

Adaptable engagement model

Each stage of a product lifecycle has different technical needs. In the early stages, the focus is on design and development skills, while on latter stages the emphasis is on operations and management of the applications and their infrastructure. In addition to requiring different skills, each stage also has different requirements in terms of the number of people that should be working on them. For example, it may be necessary to have an 8 person team to build an application, but it may require just 2 or 3 to support it.

We offer different engagement models to meet the needs of every stage, from Dedicated Teams that are fully allocated to your application to Managed Service Contracts where we take ownership of meeting SLAs for specific services, such as Application Management and Monitoring.

Effective collaboration

We have learned that in order to generate above-average results, having a trusting, collaborative relationship with our customers is just as important as having deep technical knowledge. Because of that, one of the pillars of the way we work is our High Performance Collaboration approach, which brings processes and tools into the relationship with our customers that allow us to collaborate dynamically, as part of a single team.