End-to-end Software Engineering

One-stop shop for all the software development needs, throughout the full lifecycle of your software products

We provide a one-stop shop for all the web and mobile application software engineering needs of our customers, throughout the full lifecycle of their software products. To do this we provide end-to-end software engineering services, addressing the needs of all the stages of a software product.

We approach these services from an integrated DevOps perspective, working in close collaboration with product managers and business decision makers to ensure alignment with strategic priorities at all times.

Web and mobile app developers at work

We take a full-lifecycle approach, partnering with our clients from conceptualization and product definition, through development, to maintenance, support and ongoing DevOps.

Product definition

You may not have the time or experience to develop a software specification or detailed development roadmap. Additionally, you may not know how much it is going to cost to develop and run the application. That’s where we can help.

MVP development

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a barebones version of the application whose purpose is to enable early and affordable testing of an idea with real users/customer.

Application development

We take end-to-end responsibility to develop your Web, Cloud or Mobile application, including requirements analysis and documentation, software design, coding, testing and deployment.

Architecture and design

Our Software Architects bring the required experience and deep technical knowledge to make sure that your applications will grow with your user base, and that all aspects of well-engineered applications are taken care of.

Infrastructure and application management

Once applications are in production, we provide management services for the applications and their infrastructure (Cloud, traditional and hybrid) to keep them running smoothly and minimize the risk of performance or availability issues.

Testing and quality assurance

Software testing and quality assurance are critical as a means to improve quality and minimize risk, ensuring the success of software products.

Application maintenance and support

There’s a distinct advantage to having the team that designed and developed your application also provide support and maintenance. Just ask our clients.

Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to review our management team and careers pages to learn more about Scio. You can read our blog and get an idea of our thoughts. And when you are satisfied that you are ready to begin your project with Scio, please engage with us and let us contribute to your success!