Product Definition

Product definition

You know your industry and your clients, so you know what your software product has to accomplish. However, you may not have the time or experience to develop a software specification or detailed development roadmap. Additionally, you may not know how much it is going to cost to develop and run the application. That’s where we can help. We’re not just an app development company.

We can help you develop a strategic feature-list and product roadmap for a successful launch. We do this by working with you to understand your priorities, objectives and constraints, and then develop a development roadmap and budget that make sense for you.

Why hire an app development company?

Among others, during this stage we can help you answer questions like these:


  • What should my MVP (Minimum Viable Product) include?
  • How much funding will I need in my first 12 months?
  • What do my development, infrastructure and operation expenses look like under various scenarios?
  • In addition to end-customer features, what other application functionality will I need to operate my business successfully? (Examples: Web Services, APIs, billing, subscription management, financial and KPI dashboards, customer self-service, etc.)
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Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to review our management team and careers pages to learn more about Scio. You can read our blog and get an idea of our thoughts. And when you are satisfied that you are ready to begin your project with Scio, please engage with us and let us contribute to your success!