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Application Development

Once you are ready to start building your Web/Cloud/Mobile application or to take the MVP to the next level, we take end-to-end responsibility of the process, including requirements analysis, requirements documentation, software design, application development, coding, testing and deployment. Obviously, you are in control of the functional requirements and strategic priorities, so our process revolves around your objectives.

We apply a collaborative development process and a proven agile methodology focused on frequent and early delivery of business value. Early review in the
development cycle gives more opportunities for feature tuning and a better opportunity for success.

This combination allows our customers to achieve:


Rapid development and deployment when timing is critical


Flexibility when requirements change during development


Customer team involvement throughout the development process


Cost-effective, high-quality application development

Application Development Lifecycle Scio Nearshore Development

Scio focuses solely on helping companies build and operate successful products. We have accumulated years of experience with services and components that allow us to efficiently make technical recommendations and accelerate development. Also, beyond fast and economical application development, we provide guidance and advice to ensure that all business, technical, operational and customer service aspects of running a business are considered and planned for. Our laser-focused expertise on solutions allows us to help our clients build robust, scalable applications that will successfully support efficient operations and rapid growth.

    Value Received


    • Get the application right the first time around
    • Beat your competition to market
    • Save on development costs so you have more resources to promote and sell your SaaS solution
    • No surprises in the development process
    • Avoid future technical issues that may hinder your growth

    Would you like to learn more?

    We invite you to review our management team and careers pages to learn more about Scio. You can read our blog and get an idea of our thoughts. And when you are satisfied that you are ready to begin your project with Scio, please engage with us and let us contribute to your success!