Application Maintenance And Support

Application Maintenance and Support

There’s a distinct advantage to having the team that designed and developed your application also provide support and maintenance. Just ask our clients. In fact, we count our highly available and reliable application maintenance and support services as one of the major contributors to our customer satisfaction and retention.

Because we’re already deeply knowledgeable about your application, we provide significant efficiencies. The services we offer at this stage of the product lifecycle include:

Application maintenance services

  • Analyzing new feature and enhancement requests to evaluate impact and costs
  • Developing application enhancements and new features
  • Deploying new releases and upgrades
  • Optimizing performance
  • Fixing faults and bugs
  • Performing root cause analysis for recurring problems
  • Developing interfaces with other systems
  • Preventing system performance from degrading to unacceptable levels
  • Retiring a system
Application Maintenance Services

User & technical support services


A full spectrum of tailored tech support solutions, including second and third-level development support for user identified bug fixing and application tuning


Multiple channels available, including phone, e-mail, Web, and chat


A benchmark goal of increased use and comfort with our clients’ products and services

User & Technical Support Services

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