Infrastructure and Application Management

Once applications are in production, we provide infrastructure and application management services (Cloud, traditional and hybrid) to keep them running smoothly and minimize the risk of performance or availability issues.

Our services in this area include:

  • Planning for data backup, retention, surety, and security
  • Evaluation of application latency and tuning of network and application services
  • Planning and implementation of strategies for service continuity and redundancy
  • Maintenance and operational planning and management including all the services necessary for standard 24X7 operations
  • Applying upgrades and patching to operating systems, database and application platforms
  • Active monitoring of applications performance and availability, and rapid response to issues
Infrastructure and Application Management

The benefit of using our infrastructure and application management services is peace of mind. By proactively managing performance and availability, you will improve user satisfaction, minimize service interruptions and be able to recover quickly when the unexpected occurs.

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