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Cloud Apps & Services

We help clients to build scalable, maintainable Cloud applications and services (APIs & micro-services) by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing platforms. 

Cloud services and tools are available for wide range of needs, from elastic compute power, data services, and big data storage to virtual server hosting.

With our experience, we can assist in the planning, development and implementation of Cloud services and applications by:

  • Evaluating project needs and recommending suitable Cloud platforms and services
  • Planning and developing applications that combine Cloud services to provide a complete solution
  • Integrating Cloud services into existing applications and systems
  • Recommending alternative services and strategies in existing deployments

Key Value‐Added Elements


Scioʼs strong experience in designing, developing, and maintaining cloudbased applications.


On-demand market expertise to give you more insight on the value and costs of the various services and tools you can leverage.


Collaborative review methodologies to ensure in-house awareness and understanding of the issues and basis for the recommendations generated by the engagement.

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