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Mobile Applications

We provide our clients mobile app development services and mobile-ready web solutions. Our engineers have experience developing native iOS, Android and Windows apps, as well as multi-platform mobility solutions.

Mobile app development approach

We have built mobile apps designed for both consumers and corporate users. Our projects include standalone, self-contained mobile apps, as well as applications that rely on Cloud back-ends and services, and enterprise-grade applications that are part of an integrated Web/Cloud suite.

 We follow a structured process aimed at building highly engaging, robust applications. The key elements of our mobile app development approach are:



The process starts when you share with us the objectives you want to achieve and, leveraging our technical and product development experience, together we define the best development approach and product roadmap for your mobile app


Development & Testing

Here we work together with our clients to develop the product incrementally, using an Agile approach where we deliver working software every two weeks. Our development process includes QA and testing activities to find bugs and issues before the application is released.


Architecture design

This is the step where we define the technical approach to building the application. Considerations of this stage include:

  • Technology stack
  • Application architecture
  • Cloud back-end services
  • Integration APIs
  • Third-party components and services
  • Cross-platform coverage
  • Scalability & interoperability
  • Security & compliance

User experience (UX) design

The next step is to define user personas and understand the context in which the application will be used, we then identify the main “jobs to be done” that the application will need to fulfill for users and we use this information to design a UI/UX that is easy to use and understand, aimed at keeping users engaged. We then develop prototypes that we use to perform preliminary Usability Testing and validate or iterate our designs.


Deploy to App Stores

Deploying to the app stores is a process that can take several weeks because of the required approvals, so we typically begin this process with beta versions of the mobile app two to four weeks before the expected launch date.


Support & Maintenance

Once the application has been launched, we provide maintenance and support to do upgrades, add features or correct issues

Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to review our management team and careers pages to learn more about Scio. You can read our blog and get an idea of our thoughts. And when you are satisfied that you are ready to begin your project with Scio, please engage with us and let us contribute to your success!