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SaaS Applications

Our team has been forging the way for “on-demand” business models, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud applications since before these terms existed.

SaaS applications design & SaaS architecture

We understand that the design and construction of a professional SaaS application requires making considerations that will affect the performance, scalability, manageability and security of the application.

The key design points that need to be considered include elements such as:

    •  Application architecture
    • Scalability and load distribution approach
    • Multi-tenancy approach
    • On-boarding and provisioning model
    • Third-party integration requirements
    • Data persistence and segregation design
    • Security model
    • Cloud infrastructure and services architecture
    • Development platform
    • User Experience design and usability testing
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    Enabling SaaS operations

    In addition to the core end-user functionality of a SaaS solution, for the SaaS provider it is also necessary to have functionality to manage the subscription or pay-per-use model. This includes:

    • On-boarding and provisioning process
    • Customer and user management
    • Subscription management
    • Customer self-service
    • Billing, invoicing and payment processing

    Additionally, to understand the health of the SaaS company, it is necessary to implement dashboards that provide easy access to key performance metrics of the SaaS model, such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Churn, Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR), etc.

    These metrics can be tracked through custom code in a SaaS solution, but there are third-party services that provide these pieces of functionality. So we help SaaS companies build custom dashboards or, when it makes sense, to integrate third-party components into the SaaS solution, so that effort and resources can be focused on the end-user functionality of the application.

    Consulting for Software as a Service companies

    Our experience in SaaS goes beyond the technical aspects of building the application. We also provide Software as a Service companies with advisory services regarding the implementation of the SaaS business model, as well as know-how to support its operations.

    Services for Established SaaS Companies

    On-going Product Development, Support & Maintenance

    SaaS products are never finished. To remain competitive and continue to satisfy their customers’ needs, SaaS products need to be in constant evolution, either adding new features or refining existing ones. Simultaneously, SaaS applications need bug fixing and performance tweaks. All of this puts a lot of pressure on the internal development team. So one way we help SaaS companies be successful is by providing and managing additional resources to work on this backlog of technical tasks.

    Some SaaS companies use our services to focus on support and maintenance tasks while their internal teams focus on new functionality or future versions of their solutions. Other SaaS companies prefer to focus their internal team on existing applications and use Scio to develop new products that are compatible with their platforms. In either scenario, we provide a cost-effective alternative to growing the internal team, while keeping a highly integrated collaboration model that boosts productivity.


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    Implementation & Professional Services

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    Many SaaS companies need to provide implementation services to their clients to ensure a successful provisioning and on-boarding process. This is true especially in B2B and Enterprise SaaS, where SaaS solutions often needs to be configured properly, or integrated into the customer’s systems, before the customer can begin to extract value from them.

    This generates the need for SaaS companies to create a Professional Services or Implementation team to support client implementations. However, by definition, SaaS companies are not structured to become professional service organizations. Also, the price point of an implementation can become a point of contention and kill some deals. That’s where Scio can help.

    We work with SaaS companies to create or grow white-labeled technical implementation teams, so they don’t have to. By using our services, SaaS companies are able to scale their implementation teams faster, while also being able to keep implementation costs low – or make the implementation service a profit center.


    Development of Add-ons & Integrations

    We live in an interconnected world and SaaS products are not the exception. In order to optimize the value they get from a SaaS product, clients often need to integrate the data, logic or workflows of the SaaS product with their other systems. While there are some generic solutions to help do this, often times the requirements are so specific that the only viable approach is to develop custom APIs, integrations or Add-ons that provide the required functionality. However, also frequently, the internal development team of the SaaS company is too busy with the core product and cannot allocate resources to this type of integration or add-on project. That’s where Scio comes in.

    We help SaaS companies by creating project teams that design, build and test this type of integration or add-on requirement – all in a manner that maintains alignment with the expectations of the internal development team and the client while minimizing distractions.


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    Performance Testing

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    Even SaaS products that were carefully architected for scalability face challenges once the user base and the volume of data begins to grow. The fact remains that it is very difficult to simulate realistic high-scale usage scenarios to do performance testing. It can be costly and requires careful orchestration of tools and infrastructure. However, not having a real understanding the actual performance limits of your SaaS solution represents a high risk exposure.

    At Scio, we help SaaS companies understand the behavior of their platforms under extreme but likely scenarios, both in terms of customer usage as well as the footprint of the deployed infrastructure. We do this by building Automated Performance Test Labs that can manage usage scenarios and testing infrastructure dynamically, so that together we can test and extensive suite of scenarios and gain a real understanding of failure thresholds. This in turn will help you create an effective response strategy and reduce your exposure.

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